It's Live! 12 Participants Support

It's Live! 12 Participants Support

The Melon team was closely monitoring live streaming trends and we noticed that more and more people gather on screen together for talk shows, Q&A sessions, online panel discussions, and more. We decided to increase participants' limits for our users - now you can have up to 12 people on screen simultaneously!

Why You Need This

Having more guests during the show is very beneficial because:

  • Bigger audience. Your guests will most likely share links with their audience and drive more people to your channel(s);
  • Engagement. Your guests will share a different point of view on a discussed topic which brings more attention from your viewers;
  • Fun! It's common to have a more casual, relaxed vibe during your livestreams. No more awkward silence as people feel more confident streaming and talking if they're not alone.

How it Works

Add guests the same way you used to with Melon:

  1. From your Melon Studio,
  2. Click Invite Guest found at the top left of your screen
  3. Share the link with your guests through email or by sending them a message
  4. Once your guests join, you’ll see a new video feed from your left navbar
  5. That’s it!

More Details

  • If you are on a Standard subscription, you can have up to 6 guests on-screen (including yourself)
  • If you are on a Pro subscription, you can have up to 12 guest on-screen (including yourself)
  • Only 1 layout is available at the moment - it will be defaulted on your main canvas once you have added more people
  • Share your screen or video - it will be displayed similarly as if you had 8 or 9 participants
  • You can add guests before and/or during the event
  • If you have Local Recording enabled, it will record all video and audio feeds separately
  • Drag and drop video feeds on screen and customize your stream by adding backgrounds, overlays, logos, banners, and tickers.

Have you tried it yet? Send us screenshots with your feedback at [email protected] - we hope you like it as much as we do!

Happy streaming,

Melon team🍉