Benefits of Multistreaming

Benefits of Multistreaming

As any streamer knows, getting viewers when you are just starting can be a challenge. It is always tough to reach your target audience, but as a newcomer, it can be especially demoralizing to stream to only a few viewers. One of the reasons that this can happen is because streamers only focus on one platform.

Enter multistream, one of the most effective ways to broaden your audience and increase your chances of success in the industry. Multistream allows you to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously and capture as many viewers as possible.

By streaming to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch at the same time, you are increasing your chances of someone landing on your stream, enjoying your content, and becoming a dedicated follower.

Have friends and family on Facebook who would support and watch your stream? Trying to tap into the largest live streaming audience on Twitch? Is your target audience likely to be on YouTube? With multistreaming, there is no need to compromise, and you can reach all of these platforms.

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There are many benefits to multistreaming, but here’s the top four reasons why you should multistream.

benefit 1

Increased reach

The more platforms you are on, the more people see you. Multistreaming maximizes your chances of getting discovered by new audiences. You no longer have to choose between mainstream and niche platforms since you can use both at the same time.

benefit 2

Reduced time and effort

With multistreaming, you can avoid broadcasting the same session many times. It's also more efficient than downloading and re-uploading your content to other platforms.

benefit 3

Insights about your audience

Multistreaming makes it easy to compare how your content performs on different platforms. If your content performs better on Facebook and LinkedIn than YouTube and Twitch, you can focus on those platforms instead. Test and explore new emerging networks together with your audience.

benefit 4

Meet your audience where they are

Rather than trying to steer your audience to a specific destination, you can go live in their preferred platform. Reduce the friction it takes for your audience to access your content.

Multistreaming allows content creators to focus on their true passion — creating.

How to Multistream with Melon

Ready to start multistreaming? Let’s take a look and see how easy it is to mulitstream with Melon.

1) To access this feature and many others, you will need Melon Pro.

2) Click Go Live and you will be asked where you wish to stream to.

3) Click Next and give your stream a title and description, and you're all set!

Get started with Melon multistreaming today and take your stream to the next level.