Best Green Screens for Streaming

Read this article to discover the best green screens for live streaming, taking Zoom calls, or anything else that your little creative heart desires.

best green screens for streaming

Whether you're an experienced live streamer looking to spice up content with cool video effects or a novice photographer looking for a cost-effective way to shoot portraits in different environments, a green screen is a must-have item for all content creators. As the name suggests, a green screen is a background used in photography and videography that allows for digital effects to be applied on top during editing. No matter where you're shooting in real life, a green screen will enable you to be in your desired setting so long as you have the ` to help you bring your content to life.

While adding a virtual green screen using software like NVIDIA Broadcast App in Streamlabs Desktop is a great alternative, having a physical green screen gives a cleaner result and empowers you to shoot anywhere and edit in post production. Below are a few of the best green screens on the market that you should consider adding to your arsenal for live streaming, taking Zoom calls, or anything else that your little creative heart desires.

Logitech Green Screen - Professional Quality Background

The Logitech Green Screen

Whether you're shooting content at home or on location, Logitech's Professional Quality Green Screen is the best collapsible and portable green screen option that doesn't waver on quality. The screen is made with durable Dupont Dacron material (thermoplastic polymer resin that stems from polyester fiber). The base is made from high-quality aluminum and is equipped with a handle for easy transport. The design of this green screen makes setup and breakdown a breeze.

NEEWER Background Support System Lighting Kit

The NEEWER Green Screen Kit

If your current setup needs a total upgrade or you're starting, consider grabbing this all-in-one green screen and lighting kit from NEEWER. Inside, you'll find three 8.5ft x 10ft background options (a green, blue and white cloth backdrop) and a stand and clamps to set them up. This robust kit also includes four lights and the appropriate bulbs in addition to stands for each. Priced at $218, this may be an investment, but you'll be super satisfied with how much your content's quality improves.

If you need help setting up a green screen to use with Streamlabs Desktop, you can check out this article which includes all of the necessary steps and supplies.

Webaround Big Shot Webcam Backdrop

The Web around Big Shot Webcam Backdrop

If you have minimal space to set up a background, then this innovative 56" green screen is the perfect solution. Webaround's Big Shot Webcam Backdrop is designed to easily fit onto the back of most chairs or around your waist—no stand or clamps needed. When you're done with your Zoom call, livestream, or whatever occasion calls for a green screen, you can fold it up and pack it away in the supplied storage bag.

LimoStudio Bodysuit

Model wearing the LimoStudio Body Suit

We can't think of a better way to shake things up than finding a clever way to incorporate a green screen bodysuit into your livestream (or any other piece of content, for that matter). This LimoStudio Bodysuit is made with stretchable, breathable fabric and includes thin mesh on the face portion for airflow. Additionally, the bodysuit includes a detachable hood (perfect for creating floating head content, FYI). If you need some ideas on how you can use a green screen bodysuit to create video effects, you can check out this video that has some interesting suggestions, such as walking fire and incorporating puppets.

Fancierstudio 2 in 1 Chromakey Green Screen Chromakey Blue Screen

the Fancierstudio 2 in 1 Chromakey Green Screen Chromakey Blue Screen

Though green screens are the perfect solution for playing with your background or video effects, you may find that your shooting environment calls for a different color. For example, the presence of the color green trees or in a costume is likely to throw off your green screening. Having a 2-in-1 green and blue screen on hand like this one from Fancierstudio is a smart way to stay ready for any mishaps that your shooting location may cause. Choose the blue side when there are too many green elements in your shot (outside of the green screen itself).

ePhoto Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop and Background Supporting System Kit with Carrying Case

the ePhoto Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop and Supporting System Kit

If you need a full-sized green screen to shoot photos or videos, look no further. This 10ft by 12 ft heavy-duty green screen backdrop from ePhoto comes equipped with a background supporting system (aka a stand) and a storage/carrying case. According to Amazon reviewers, you should opt to roll the green screen when you're done versus folding, as the latter will cause wrinkles that you'll likely need to steam out the fabric.

From livestreaming to shooting at-home headshots, a green screen is an essential tool that can help you step up your content a few notches. Try using a green screen when you get a chance, and let us know how it goes!