Best Lighting for Live Streaming

Best Lighting for Live Streaming

Good lighting can take your live-stream from good to great. Yes, internet connection, camera, microphone and of course your content all matter, but great quality lights will make a noticeable difference in how you show up on camera.

Lighting is a great asset whether you stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin or any platform. Purchasing a quality light will be one of the most high ROI purchases you can make. If you are treating your live-stream as a profession and are serious about growth - it is worth considering one of the options below.

Let’s talk about: (1) types of lighting, (2) light positioning, (3) recommendations based on talking to 100s of creators and studying the streaming space, (4) light color variants and temperature.

What are the types of light:

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  • Natural light. No purchases needed. You can position your streaming setup facing the window and you will notice an increase in quality and video production
  • Three point lighting. A common setup in production studios where the subject is lit up from 3 different angles with 3 lights
  • Loop or Ring lighting. This is a common setup popular on social media today. End result is a well lit look

Light positioning:

  • Generally you want the light in front of your face unless you have a 3 point lighting system
  • Avoid putting the light behind you. If you are exposed to natural light - either face the window or close the blinds or else you will look like a super villain

Recommendations based on studying the streaming space


1. Selfie ring light from UBeesize


Pros: USB powered, affordable, flexile, comes with tripod, dimming range

Cons:limited dimming range, longevity


2. Emart LED Video light


Pros: 4 color filters, adjustable tripod, US, dimmable, portable

Cons:still limited range, lower power output then more upstream options


3. HPUSN Softbox lighting kit


Pros: strong output with 85W 5400K E27 socket; adjustable, 24month guarantee

Cons: durability of the stand

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4. Neewer Ring


Pros: high color spectrum, carrying bag, dimmable, quality stand

Cons: n/a

Light color variants and temperature

  • This is more advanced, but you could play with different hues of light based on your environment
  • Light spectrum ranges from ~1.9K (kelvin) to 10K where the former is closer to room lighting such as a candle and the later is closer to a natural light that emits from the sky
  • Depending on your environment and your camera settings - you can play with different light hues to get the desired effect you want to see on your live stream

Great lighting will upgrade your livestream and help your audience make a greater connection with you. We hope to see your well-lit melon streams!

If there are quality lights that you have in mind that you want us to cover and/or if you have any ideas for us - please reach out via [email protected]

We are always listening.

Happy streaming and creating.