Best Motivational Podcasts to Enjoy in the New Year

Get your year started on a good note by adding these motivational podcasts to your daily routine!

best motivational podcasts

On the Melon blog, we’ve explored a ton of topics related to podcasting from how to make money from a podcast to how to grow a podcast. Today, we’ll be chatting about how motivational podcasts can help you grow. While many people set goals to read more in the new year, listening to podcasts (or watching, depending on the show or your preference) may be another way to boost your motivation. Motivational podcasts can be a powerful tool for personal, professional, financial, and creative growth.

When you're feeling down or stuck in a rut, listening to a podcast featuring people who've been in your shoes can help you feel less alone. Whether seeking to improve your productivity, relationships, or overall well-being, motivational podcasts are a tool worth working into your daily habits in the new year. Below are a few you'll enjoy and get a ton of value from.

Ten Percent Happier

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year ten percent happier

Hosted by journalist Dan Harris, Ten Percent Happier explores two practices that changed the host's life—mindfulness and meditation. In each episode, Harris sits down with guests ranging from scientists to celebrities that have used these practices in their lives while providing practical tips to those that may be entirely new to the idea.

Checking In with Michelle Williams

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year checking in with michelle williams

You may know her as one-third of the groundbreaking, iconic girls' R&B group Destiny's Child, but outside of singing, Michelle Wiliams has lent her voice to motivational podcasting. In each episode, you may find Michelle and her star-studded guests sharing real-life experiences and insights about the ups and downs of life. Michelle welcomes listeners to bear it all and get comfortable working through their challenges and emotions.

Creator Club Podcast

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year creator club podcast with katie steckly

Influencer and Content Creator Katie Steckly knows the ins and outs of content creation, which is why she launched the Creator Club Podcast to share tips with creators like yourself. From exploring why your Instagram reels may be flopping to diving deep into best practices for creators in specific niches, this podcast serves as a great source of inspiration and education on your creator journey.

Therapy for Black Girls

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year therapy for black girls

Noting how much mental health issues are overlooked and stigmatized in the Black Community, licensed therapist Joy Harden Bradford created this podcast as a safe space for Black women to chat about all things mental health. From depression to trauma, this podcast covers a wide range of topics with one goal—to help you be mentally healthy.

TED Health

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year ted health

Your health is your wealth. If you're looking for more ways to live healthier in the new year and beyond, TED Health, hosted by Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider, is the podcast you need to put in rotation. From spotlighting new medical breakthroughs to sharing general tips on how to live a healthier life, you'll find a lot of value in this podcast as you embark on a journey to be a healthier you.

Beyond The To-Do List

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year beyond the to do list

Beyond The To-Do List is a productivity and personal development podcast hosted by Erik Fisher to help listeners get more done while living life in the way that makes them most happy. Whether you need help with time management or goal-setting, Fisher and his wide range of guests, including entrepreneurs and renowned authors, will equip you with all the tools you need to get things done and live a happier, more balanced life..

A Slob Comes Clean

Best Motivational Podcasts to Watch in the New Year a slob comes clean dana white

If you're starting to feel like things are taking over life and no matter how clean and organized you try to remain, stuff tends to fall  right back out of control, tuning into A Slob Comes Clean may benefit you tremendously. Host Dana K. White shares her journey of overcoming chronic disorganization while sharing practical tips to help you declutter, organize and live a simpler, mess-free life.

No matter what you are struggling with or working through at this moment, there are tons of podcasts created by real people that can offer you guidance. If you're new to listening to podcasts or simply need more to add to your rolodex, we hope you'll find a new favorite in the ones we've shared here.