Best Tripods for Live Streaming

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best tripods for live streaming, no matter if you’re recording from a phone or a DSLR camera.

best tripods for live streaming

You grabbed your camera (after checking out this list of best cameras for live streaming), planned every detail of your livestream and then it hits you— a tripod is the missing piece from your recording setup. Often an overlooked piece of equipment for content creators, a tripod can be a gamechanger for making sure you get the perfect shot every time. Whether you're live streaming from home or on the go (if you're adventurous) a tripod needs to be at the top of your list of items to grab for all your content creation needs.

Although you could probably find a way to set up your camera without a tripod (i.e. conveniently placing it on high furniture or stacking up books for support), a tripod guarantees that your camera will remain sturdy and in the desired frame with no mishaps. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tripod but don’t know quite where to start, don’t fret. Below we’ve listed some of the best tripods for live streaming, no matter if you’re recording from a phone or a DSLR camera.

Benro BK15

a photo of the tripod

If you like live streaming as much as you love taking selfies, this Benro tabletop tripod, which doubles as a selfie stick (remember those?), has your name written all over it.  Not only can this tripod take you straight from streaming to snapping selfies for the ‘gram, it comes with a bluetooth remote for hands free control.

Manfrotto Befree

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We totally get it—spending $300 on a tripod may not be within everyone's budget. But if you have the money to invest (keyword) the Manfrotto Befree Travel Tripod is the perfect option. Though this tripod is lightweight and travel ready, it holds up to 8 pounds which means you never have to worry about the weight of your camera interfering with stability.

Vanguard VEO3+263CP

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Looking for a tripod with  full range of motion that can even shoot super low to the ground? If so, the Vanguard tripod needs to be on your radar. Weighing a little over five pounds, this tripod is one of the bulkier ones on this list. However, if you stream with a heavy camera and attachments such as a mic, LED monitor etc., you’ll be happy to know that this tripod supports up to 33 pounds of weight.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

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Long gone are the days of having to be indoors to live stream. Sometimes people want to see creators outside interacting with the world around them. In that case, you’ll love this innovative tripod from DJI. With over 10k reviews and 4.5+ star rating on Amazon, shoppers are obsessed with this handheld tripod that autotracks people and objects in motion. Just pop in your phone and let the tripod do the rest.

Neewer Table Top Phone Tripod Stand

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You may be thinking this is just a regular tabletop tripod and you’re right (kind of). However, in addition to being a compact sized tripod that you can conveniently place on your desk, it comes with a cold shoe and screw hole for a mic and light. It’s safe to say that this tripod from Neewer was made with simplifying your streaming setup in mind.

Sensyne 12'' Ring Light with Tripod Stand

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If you’re on the hunt for a tripod for live streaming, chances are you won’t mind adding some lighting to the setup to enhance your videos. If so, this 2-in-1 ring light and tripod is the perfect option for you. Featuring three temperature settings and 10 brightness levels, this ring light/ tripod is the next best thing to having a camera crew by your side.

No matter where you are in your journey as a live streamer, purchasing (or upgrading) a tripod may be one of the best investments you can make for the sake of impeccable content. Do you know a creator that may also be looking for a tripod? Share this article with them!