Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Livestreaming

Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Livestreaming

Advances in video technology and the expansion of broadband internet continue to contribute to the immense growth of livestreaming. Social media platform integration feeds the frenzy as audiences and videographers embrace the dynamic interactions livestreaming brings to their presentations. Businesses have harnessed the power of livestreaming to broadcast their messages to audiences about products and services in a way static marketing strategies cannot accomplish.

Common Livestreaming Pitfalls

Being armed with some camera equipment and a rough plan doesn't ensure that a livestream will be successful. In fact, there are many pitfalls to avoid ensuring that the stream is a success and is not ignored by the targeted audiences.

Failure to acknowledge the audience.

As the livestream airs, viewers are participating through comments and questions that must be acknowledged. Since the primary goal of livestreaming is to engage the audience, failing to communicate with them will drive them away.

Overusing Twitter and Discord before going live.

Many live streamers saturate platforms such as Twitter and Discord with messages that they are about to stream. However, viewers do not want to be badgered about the upcoming broadcast, and overdoing this type of promotion may backfire. Instead, a more engaging message such as one with a topic to address or a response to viewer questions may attract more attention.

Not realizing all platforms are not created equal.

Since there are several platforms available to broadcast from, streamers often fail to realize that one size does not fit all and manually push the stream out everywhere without checking for possible formatting issues.

Not recognizing daily follower goals.

Streamers benefit from increasing their followers each time they go live. However, if viewership is faltering, then some issues may require attention. Factors such as not listening to the audience and failure to optimize content can affect follower goals.

Being too overbearing when asking for donations or purchases.

A streamer's primary goal is to earn income through advertising a brand or raising money for a cause. However, continually reminding viewers to spend money is a turnoff for many who may abandon the stream if they feel pressured.

Focusing on quantity instead of quality.

Streamers who believe that staying live on the air for hours without a strategy will increase their views are sadly mistaken. Those with planned content and effective pre-streaming promotional strategies can benefit the most from a shorter duration broadcast.

Low-quality video, audio, or connectivity.

Logging onto a stream only to experience buffering, sound issues or a blurry video is a big turnoff for viewers who will go elsewhere. To avoid any of these issues, rehearsing the stream ahead of time ensures all equipment is operational and there are no internet issues. Having backup equipment readily available to replace a malfunctioning component can ensure the stream can go on as planned.

Streaming about unpopular topics.

Selecting an appropriate topic or brand to stream about is crucial to gaining followers. The topic should not solely be based on the streamer's interest but instead on those presently trending and popular. Keeping the audience in the best interest when selecting a livestream topic or brand will result in an increased number of followers.



Live video continues to take the world by storm as an active way to attract and engage followers. In fact, statistics show that 63% of those between the ages of 18-and 34 view live streaming content on a daily basis. Additionally, 80% of consumers surveyed would prefer to watch live streams about a brand rather than read content. Harnessing this audience requires diligent attention to detail and content planning to attract and retain viewers. Avoiding the above-described common pitfalls will help to ensure a successful live stream.

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