Customize The Look Of Your Broadcast With Themes

Customize The Look Of Your Broadcast With Themes

Here at Melon, we're on a mission to make you a livestreaming pro as effortlessly as possible without needing any serious technical skill. We are constantly innovating on how to make your streaming setup convenient by providing you with the tools to share screen, stream to multiple platforms, and engage with your audience with widgets.

Today we are excited to introduce another feature that makes personalizing your livestreaming appearance quicker and more intuitive. Introducing... themes!

What are Themes?

Themes are design templates that you can choose to apply to your stream. A theme is a collection of

  • Background
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Overlay
  • ...and more options coming soon!

Made by world-class designers, a theme is a great starting point for you to begin building your personal brand/company.

How do I get started with a theme?


Click Menu > Design. You can choose from our preset themes by clicking on the thumbnail to preview a theme.

What can I do with a theme?

themes gif

You can:

  • Preview: Preview a theme by clicking on the thumbnail under your Design section.
  • Customize: You can make changes to the previewed theme. See it live in your studio! Play with fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc. to your liking.
  • Apply Happy with what you are seeing? Press on Apply to save your theme. This way, when you load your stream profile the next time, this design will be applied.
  • Discard: You can discard this theme in preview and all the changes you’ve made (as long as you have not pressed Apply). This will take bring you back to your previous design before.

How are folks using themes?

  • Instead of customizing individual elements like banner color, ticker fonts, backgrounds, etc. to get a matching brand, folks are picking themes that closely match their brand and tweaking minor changes further.
  • You can get inspired by exploring different themes to discover the potential of Melon’s customizing features. Take bits and pieces that you like, and apply them to your design.

The Future Of Themes

We are planning to introduce more themes soon, to offer a wider and more diverse range of templates. Stay tuned for them by visiting this tab when you want to freshen up your stream.

We are exploring new design options like

  • Banner and ticker shapes and sizes
  • Camera Borders
  • Animated backgrounds, overlays, and logos support.

We are constantly thinking about how to make your lives easier. Themes is another of those initiatives coming to life. Let us know what else you think we should build for you. Reach out to us at [email protected] and tell us! As usual, take care and enjoy streaming.