Customize Your Stream With Overlays

Customize Your Stream With Overlays

In a previous post we covered profiles as a big part of broadcast customization. Today we are going to talk more about overlays - new feature we added to help you stand out of the streaming crowd.

What is a stream overlay?

Overlay is a layout on screen that helps create a pop for your livestream.

What are the overlays used for?

There's a variety of options streamers utilize them for: from creating vibrant backgrounds to announcing upcoming activities to displaying social media handles etc.


Melon supports you at each step so we added overlays to your profile. In Melon studio go to the screen settings and click on the overlay section. You can pick one of the templates we made for you or upload your own layout!

Overlay requirements:

  • File type: PNG or JPG with a transparent background
  • Dimensions: 1280x720
  • File size: under 10Mb

Just like any other stream profile elements (backgrounds, tickers, logos, banners), you can set different overlays and toggle between them during your show.

Happy streaming!