Resize and drag your graphics with Melon

Resize and drag your graphics with Melon

You want your stream to represent you and your brand, but there are no amount of layout presets that will give you the freedom that resizing and dragging your key on stream element will give.

You spoke up, we listened, and are happy to introduce the ability to resize and drag key on screen elements within your Melon live streaming app.

You are now able to further customize your stream with Melon.

First, what can you actually do now? You can now resize and move around your banner anywhere on the screen. You can also resize and move your logo (if you are on the paid plan and no longer have the Melon watermark). You can also flip your ticker to top or bottom. Best part is that this all updates real time on stream. No need to click sync. It just happens.

Okay so I get more customization with Melon when I stream? Exactly. More customization. More options and all because you’ve asked this.

How are people using resizing and dragging elements with Melon?
  • Creators are moving their logo anywhere they want. This may fit better with people’s custom layouts ticker demo
  • Some are moving ticker to the top. We’ve seen this among finance professionals and news channels ticker demo
  • Banner can go anywhere and we’ve seen people use this as a header, divider, or just a text widget you would see in your desktop streaming software banner demo

Many options. More customization. What will you create?

Email us on [email protected] and let us know what you think and what we should build next to help you make professional quality live streams.