Highlight Viewer Comments on Stream

Highlight Viewer Comments on Stream

1000s of you asked for this and we are happy to deliver. You can now highlight viewer comments on stream in Melon.

Highlight chat comments on your livestream

Click the chat bubble icon from your Melon Studio and select Stream. Mouse over the comment you want to highlight. If you want to select another comment - simply click on a different message.

How creators use Melon chat display

  • Community shoutouts. People love to be recognized. Show your viewers some love.
  • Steer the conversation. Especially helpful if you are addressing a question from chat.

Got feature ideas you want us to add to Melon? Share your thoughts with us at,  [email protected] or reach us through our socials @melonappcom on Twitter. Your suggestions matter and we'll always build our site for our users. Happy streaming!