Introducing Media Upload: Add Intros and Outros to Your Broadcasts

Introducing Media Upload: Add Intros and Outros to Your Broadcasts

You are looking to add an intro scene to your broadcast? Maybe you want to close out with something eventful at the end of your show? Or you just want to play a clip without having to share screen? Media upload has you covered.

Let’s talk about 3 things: (1) what is media upload, (2) how folks are using it today, (3) how you can use it - hyper simple 5 second guide

1. What is media upload

  • Media upload allows you (the host) to upload short video clips
  • We store them in the cloud
  • You can then use them during any broadcast at any time you want

2. How are folks using media upload today

  • Intros! A 30 second countdown timer is perfect to let your audience know that you should will begin soon. Why? First, it generates hype and awareness for your broadcast. Next, it creates critical mass for your stream so that you already have a few viewers watching when you start. After that it just snowballs. The first 5-10 viewers are always tough, but if we can get the first 5-10 then the path to 100+ is easy.
  • Breaks and outros too! You can play media clips to signal that the show is ending. Or perhaps you want to play something engage signaling that you will be right back. This way your audience doesn’t need to stare at an empty chair while you get a glass of water or take a call.
  • Custom use case to play anything you want. Yes screenshare works too, but for media files and videos - media upload works best. If you want to play a video clip during your show - use media upload. Maybe there is a music video or a recording you want to play.
media upload

3. How you can use it - hyper simple 5 second guide to media upload

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  • Open Melon
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Click on Video
  • Now you can pick from a few available presets or if you are on the PRO plan - you can upload any media you want. File size limit is 150MB. That is the only restriction
  • When you upload the media - it will always be saved there
  • To play a video during the stream just click on it!

So to summarize:

  • With media upload on Melon you can play intros, outros, or just custom video file
  • Media upload helps you grow your viewership and makes your broadcast more professional
  • Go to Melon -> Edit Settings -> Video and check it out

1000s of folks asked for it so we are excited to deliver it. We hope that you enjoy this feature.

If you have ideas for other things that we should be building - please email us on [email protected] or follow us on twitter @melonappcom. We read and respond to every message