Creating Overlays For Your Livestream

Creating Overlays For Your Livestream

Live streaming keeps growing. How do you stand out with your live stream among all other streams? Whether you use Melon or other solutions - how you show up when you stream matters. That is why you've given us feedback on improving customization and that is also why we keep adding more ways to stand out and personalize your live stream.

Overlays is one of the solutions. Other ways to personalize your live-stream are below and each of these can be customized within Melon

  • Banner
  • Ticker
  • Logo
  • Donations and on-stream alerts
  • Stream information, including title, description and any associated links or panels
  • Themes
  • Intros/Outros

What are overlays? Overlays are graphics professionals are using to make their stream look great. In this blog, we will cover the tools you can use to make an overlay.  When you are done with this blog - you will have the best looking Melon live stream in the business.

First, if you are looking for a quick guide on overlays - check out this blog.  

example of an overlay in melon - notice the corner art 

Next, how are people using overlays to make their broadcasts stand out and to increase production value?

  • Some are adding overlays to cement a specific point or message. For example, you can create an overlay with text that augments your banner or ticker text
  • Others are adding overlays to further enhance the aesthetic of their brand. This can be a creator doubling down on a specific color scheme
Examples of themes -these are preset and take 1 click to get everything lined up and looking professional on your live stream

Now, let's break down the tools people use to create overlays. There are several

  • Crello is a powerful Canva alternative. It comes with 25, 000 static templates and 9,000 animated templates. There is a free, but limited option. We are seeing a number of folks use this option because of the ever-growing number of templates.
  • Snappa is another strong Canva alternative. Snappa is easy to use and many are using it today for their social media, ads, and of course to make overlays. Free option lets you download 3 designs every month. The only limitation that we found is that you can't use GIFs, but GIFs are also not applicable for Melon overlays
  • Stencil is also easy to use. Stencil comes with 5 million stock photos, 1,200 templates, and many other presets. As with others - it is browser-based and there is also a free option that lets you save up to 10 images/month
  • Canva is probably the most popular option. Canva is popular among professionals, creators, and small business owners. There is a free and a paid plan. Canva is probably most famous for its wide variety of templates and ease of use.
  • Visme offers powerful visualization tools and a large variety of professional-looking templates. There's a built-in editor to help make overlays and a collaboration feature so you can think of it as gdocs.
  • Adobe is a household name in the design space. There is a powerful online option. Individual license starting at $9.99/month.

Overlays are an essential part of looking great and standing out when you live-stream. You can upload any custom overlay to Melon using any of the tools above.

If there is anything you'd like to share us or thoughts on what we should build next, be sure to send us your feedback at [email protected] Find us on Twitter @melonappcom. Happy Streaming :)

-The Melon team 🍉