How to Increase Viewership For Your Live Streams

How to Increase Viewership For Your Live Streams

Thousands of businesses use live streaming as an effective strategy for showcasing their products and services in front of target audiences. However, one of the biggest challenges facing live streamers is attracting and maintaining viewers. The biggest misconception is that audiences will flock to video streams in a short time with just a few announcement posts. The truth is, attracting viewers requires a combination of well-thought-out strategies and actions.

The Power of Networking

Spreading the word about your upcoming stream is a priority for attracting an audience. Networking with others in the following manner is an effective way to publicize the future live stream.

Use your existing network of friends, family, and co-workers

An often-overlooked strategy is simply telling those already around you about your upcoming stream. Communicate the upcoming stream through e-mail, text, Facebook, or even by picking up the phone.

Network with other streamers

By building a relationship with other streamers and supporting their channels, they can return the favor and put in a good word for your upcoming live stream. Ensure the other streams are relevant to your product or service before embarking on this process.

Cross-promote with other streamers

Cross-promoting can be done through hosting other relevant streams as well as sharing content on social media.


Getting the Word Out

Audiences can't come to the stream if they don't know about it. These effective announcement methods can get the word out to everyone ahead of time.

Teaser videos

Just as TV shows have previews to draw in viewers to the next episode, a teaser video can work just as effectively to entice prospective viewers to a future live stream. The teaser should be a short commercial including information about the topic, platform, date, and time. Encourage sharing of the teaser with others through social media.

Share the streaming link early on

Announce the link 24-48 hours ahead of time to ensure prospective viewers are aware of the upcoming stream. The announcements can be done through custom posts in social media, embedding the link in blog posts, and e-mails to current subscribers. Enlisting friends and family to do the same can also be helpful.

Engage prospective viewers ahead of time

Offering incentives to tune in, such as free books about the topic, discounts on the product or service, or other freebies, can attract viewers to tune into the live stream.

Promote the announcement of a big reveal

Viewers enjoy being a part of an exclusive group that will learn inside information or other useful, non-publicized news. Plan and promote a payoff for joining the stream. Ensure that hype fits the topic, or viewers may be disappointed.


During the Stream

Now that it's showtime, there are several ways to keep viewers' attention, so they return for future broadcasts.

Announce the agenda at the start of the stream

Sharing your agenda at the top of the broadcast is helpful to audience members who may not be able to sit through the entire stream. Viewers are more apt to stay if they know ahead of time what will be covered.

Engage the audience

Interaction with viewers is crucial to keep them watching. Address viewers by name when they ask questions and make comments. Poll the audience with questions to stimulate conversations. Conduct a poll or introduce competition to encourage interaction.

Encourage viewers to use unique buttons

Most social platforms have reaction buttons for users to express their opinions such as "like," "wow," and other exclamations. Asking viewers to use the buttons once every 3-4 minutes can increase their engagement with the live stream.


The video live stream is a powerful communication tool for publicizing a product or service. Attracting and increasing the stream's viewership is essential to its success. The above-described strategies are an effective way of increasing exposure to your next live stream event.

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