How to get more viewers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, & Linkedin

In this updated livestream growth guide we will cover: (1) why getting more viewers for your livestream matters, (2) 7 effective viewership growth tips, (3) our sources - how we get the information we share.

How to get more viewers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, & Linkedin
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Live streaming is here to stay. Everyone is trying it, so how do you stand out? How do you increase your viewership? We will build on the viewership growth guide here and cover more practical tips on how to grow your live stream.

In this updated growth guide, we will cover: (1) why getting more viewers for your live stream matters, (2) seven effective viewership growth tips, (3) our sources - how we get the information we share.

Why Getting More Viewers for Your Live Stream Matters

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What do you gain if you increase the number of concurrent viewers from 10 to 100 to 1000+?

  • More people may refer your show to others: You now have the power of leverage and a virtuous growth cycle, all powered by your viewers.
  • Larger community: Community strength is everything.
  • Greater awareness and mindshare for your message: Whether you are doing sports analytics, discussing current events, or broadcasting religious services, you will connect with more viewers.
  • Greater revenue potential: More people sending tips through Melon/Streamlabs' 0% fee tip service means you have a better chance of turning your passion into a career. Moreover, brand sponsorship opportunities and on-platform support from your community like YouTube SuperChats,

Seven Tips to Get More Viewers Watching Your Live Streams

  1. Interact with your viewers
Highlight viewer comments on stream

2. Record your live stream and upload it to YouTube

  • You can record with one click within Melon
  • Recording your show and uploading means that more people may see the show when you are not live, learn about you, and then join you for the next live stream
  • You need to put yourself out there to grow!

3. Experiment with your title and description

try different titles, descriptions, and categories - see what works 
  • Today you tried title X and description Y and got ten viewers
  • What happens if you try something else? How did that perform?
  • What happens if you try emojis or call-to-action descriptions?
  • Have you experimented with picking a category when you stream?

When picking your title and description, you can brainstorm a set of titles and descriptions and then choose the best. You can sandbox yourself to a five-minute no judgment brainstorm - all ideas are worth it and then select one or ask a friend. You can even ask your community.

Your title should be clear and informative. Your live stream description should be more detailed.

4. Promote your live-stream

There are several tips here on how to promote your stream so consider reading this blog before trying the list below:

Auto-post on Twitter and notify your followers when you go live on Melon
  • Share the stream on all of your social media channels
  • Auto-post to Twitter when you go live
  • Add a countdown before you stream. We have several gorgeous countdowns
  • Schedule your live streams and then share scheduled links with your audience
  • Multi-stream - stream to multiple platforms all at once to get more viewers
  • Use hashtags on YouTube

5. Set up a giveaway

run giveaways either via Streamlabs chatbot or via
  • You can set up a giveaway ahead of the live stream on your social media channel to generate excitement. The ask can be for your community to re-tweet, like, and follow to win a prize. Your community gets rewarded and celebrates with you, someone gets a prize, and people help spread the word.
  • We recommend for your giveaways. Here's an example of a case study for a campaign done with gleam.
  • You can also run a giveaway. Read this guide to help you understand how to use the Streamlabs chatbot during your live stream.

6. Discipline. Stream more often

Create a streaming schedule and stick to it
  • A dull but true answer
  • Hard work. Discipline and specifically consistent streaming at regular times will likely get results. Why? Because hard work pays off and because people will expect you to show up at a specific time and day.
  • Create a schedule, share it with the public, and deliver on your commitments to your community.
  • You want to build a habit. Your audience should know exactly what day and time to watch your content

7. Invite a guest or a community member on your live stream

Invite guests on your live stream
  • Bringing someone else on your show can make for a more engaging live stream.
  • Your guest will likely promote the live stream to their audience, multiplying your reach.
  • You can use practice mode to iron out everything with your guest before going live.

Where do we get this advice on how to get more viewers?

  • There are many live streaming pros and seasoned veterans on our team. After all, we are part of Streamlabs, and we've been in the live streaming space since 2014, supporting >80% of Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook live streamers.
  • Interviews with experts in the space
  • Crowdsource wisdom from different community groups such as private slack channels and streamer discords

Let's recap: How do you get more viewers for your live stream? How do you grow your Livestream audience?

  1. Interact with your viewers
  2. Record your live stream and upload it to YouTube
  3. Experiment with your title and description
  4. Promote your live stream
  5. Set up a giveaway
  6. Stream more often and stick to a schedule
  7. Invite a guest and ask your guest to share

That's it! Together with the tips and advice on growth in part 1 of this blog, we are confident that you are on your way to either becoming a live streaming PRO.

As always, please let us know directly via email at [email protected] if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas.

Happy streaming!