How to Go Live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Facebook

Facebook is an amazing platform. It has a ton of users, and it's likely that if you stream there today, you will get views because you either already have friends, belong to some communities, pages, or groups. It's a great place to start, and it's a great place to stream.

Melon is a browser-based live streaming app that allows you to stream to multiple destinations like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitch simultaneously. You can also stream to a platform that we do not support. As long as you know the URL and the RTMP, you are good to go. Just enter those, and you can stream. There is no need to make compromises. In fact, we recommend you stream everywhere.

This blog post tutorial will be hyper simple. You are literally a few clicks away from streaming on Facebook.

enable mic

1. Enable Microphone and Camera

First, make sure that you enable microphone and camera access. If you log in for the first time, make sure you click allow to both camera and mic. If there are any issues, please reload the site and make sure you grant access. You can double-check that access is granted by clicking on the little lock icon on the left of the URL address bar near https. Right-click there and ensure that Melon is granted permissions to microphone and camera.

add yourself

2. Add Yourself to the Stream

Now you want to add yourself to the streaming canvas, which is the screen in the middle. Remember, whatever appears on this screen is what will appear on stream. Add yourself to the canvas by hovering over your camera feed and clicking "Show on Stream."

3. Connect your Facebook Account

Next, connect your Facebook page and accept the permission. In Melon, click on your profile on the upper right-hand side of the screen and open settings. Find Facebook and click "Link Account." On the settings page, you can also connect to other platforms, add, and change accounts.

go live

4. Go LiveTry Melon Free

3,400 folks signed up in the last week alone!

The last step is to click "Go Live" and choose Facebook. You will also have three options assuming you have accepted the permissions:

  1. Stream to your profile page
  2. Stream to a group
  3. Stream to a page

Streaming to your personal page will always be available. But remember, to stream to a specific page or group, you need to belong to the group and have permission to stream. Only then will it appear in your dropdown menu.

If you don't see a group or page appearing in the dropdown and believe it should be, please make sure that two things are happening.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the right account in Melon's settings
  2. Double-check that your account has the correct permissions to stream on the page or group

5. Create a Public Stream

Lastly, make sure your Melon stream is public on Facebook by default. If you stream to your page, the stream will be private by default. You will need to go to Facebook and make it public for everyone to see. You can change your settings so that your stream will always appear public.

To do that:

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Go to apps and websites in the left Navigation Pane
  3. Click view and edit on Melon
  4. Click the dropdown under who can use this app and select Public.

You are now allowing Melon to always publicly broadcast your stream.

Please note, when you stream to Facebook, there's going to be a tiny bit of a delay as a stream populates, and that is again entirely on Facebook

To recap:

  • Enable microphone and camera access.
  • Add yourself to the middle canvas by clicking on your face in the left bar.
  • Make sure you have permissions to where you want to stream, and if you don't, you can enable that within Facebook.
  • That’s it. Have fun and happy streaming!