Get Your First 100 Viewers

Get Your First 100 Viewers

Live streaming can be a lucrative way to earn money and build a following online, all while having fun and doing something you love. Indeed, every 100 followers you get on Twitch can equate to roughly $250 in ad revenue!

The tricky part is getting started.

So many people are vying for attention on streaming platforms nowadays that attracting viewers to your brand new channel can be a challenge but with the proper insight and approach, you'll be entertaining people online in no time.

Think Long Term

It doesn't matter whether we're talking about getting followers on Twitch or attracting views on Facebook, your best bet is to take a long-term approach.

Being in too much of a hurry is a recipe for cutting corners. It'll be tempting to join "follow4follow" groups that deliver no tangible benefits or even purchase viewers from sketchy internet sellers. Worst, with all your attention on numbers, you might stop enjoying your process of live streaming!

That's why we encourage you to treat this as a marathon and not a sprint. Take your time, grow organically, and cultivate genuine relationships with people online.

Consider Your Brand

The best streamers create high-quality content that is both entertaining and educational. But that's not all!

They've worked hard to create a brand as well.

In other words, they've developed a style, personality, and set of values that people have come to associate with their stream (just as Nike has with sporting goods and McDonald's has with fast food).

A few ways to get started here is to use the same name across all streaming and social platforms (especially those you're using to market the stream). Oh, and fill out each profile fully to explain who you are and what you do. Anybody who stumbles across your stream is unlikely to hit "follow" unless you do.

Build a Community

In any competitive industry, the secret to success is building a community around your brand. Trust us, as time-consuming as they are to develop, it'll snowball your influence over time! As people come to know and like who you are and what you do, the more likely they are to:

· Watch your stream

· Keep coming back for more

· Tell others about you

That's the power of community. Begin cultivating one by picking three to five streamers you like that share the same audience as you. Immerse yourself in their streams and engage with their audience; provide value and start conversations, all while being authentic and never self-promoting.

Analyze the Competition

Anybody wondering how to grow fast on Twitch should take a moment to analyze their competition. Find the big names in your niche and watch their streams.

Ask yourself: what are they doing that's making them so popular?

Perhaps they're amusing, chatty, or well-spoken. Maybe they are engaging with their audience or providing incentives for likes and shares.

Whatever the case, watching the pros is a valuable way to learn how to improve your streaming endeavors. While you're at it, you can consider what they're doing poorly too! Any problems you notice provide an opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Time Things Right

Getting your first 100 viewers sometimes comes down to timing.

After all, nobody's going to watch your stream if you're doing it when most people are asleep! With lots of viewers and a few other creators on the platform, you can expect significant exposure.

Research the best times to stream. Spend a week or so focusing on different time blocks (morning, afternoon, and night) to determine which has the most extensive viewership and least competition from big streamers.

Ask for Views

Ask, and you'll receive. Don't be afraid to encourage people to come to your stream and hit follow! You'll be amazed at how effective it can be.

Let your friends and family know what you're doing. If they're interested, ask them to watch! Take the same approach on social media platforms as well.

You do need to be tactful, though.

Go ahead and ask for views/follows. But do it from a place of offering value rather than asking for favors! Offer incentives (e.g., "I'll give you a shout out if you hit follow") and appeal to their giving nature "the easiest way to support the stream for free is to hit the follow button").

Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic source of viewers. However, you can't just drop a link and expect people to drop by! The magic happens when you use it to build a brand and community.

Post regularly, be yourself and engage on each platform to generate interest. It's also important to experiment. (e.g., which images or words deliver the best results?)

Twitter and TikTok are ideal, so we encourage you to learn how to use both. Twitter offers a powerful way to interact with others- including big streamers in your niche. TikTok gives users lots of organic reach (i.e., you don't have to pay for ads).

Be Consistent

Our final tip on how to grow on Twitch is to be consistent.

Stop worrying about the end result! Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Love the journey, revel in the ups and downs, and see all those "failed attempts" as learning opportunities.

Manage this, and it'll be ten times easier to keep showing up.

And that consistency is the real key to streaming success. By being yourself every day, providing value every day, and being available every day, it shouldn't be long before people gravitate toward you and watch your stream.

How to Grow on Twitch and Get Your First 100 Viewers

There you have it then: our top tips on how to grow on Twitch and other live streaming platforms. Put them into practice, and you'll be well on your way to getting those first 100 viewers and ongoing internet success.

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