Livestreaming a Church Service

Livestreaming a Church Service

Reach people who might not be able to attend a Saturday/Sunday service and give them a chance to watch the sermon that they'll otherwise miss. Help your congregation feel closer together because they are watching from anywhere in the world. With these benefits in mind, we'll cover what platforms you can consider using, best practices, and how platforms like Melon can help you get started in live streaming.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Church Service

Reach a Wider Audience

Wherever you decide to stream, services like Melon can stream to most major social media platforms. If you're unsure where your audience wants to watch, you can even simulcast or multistream to connect to a broader audience while you livestream to multiple platforms at the same time.

Automatically Post Videos

When you're streaming to platforms like YouTube, they will automatically record your stream and post a video of it later so that anyone can rewatch your stream. This is a great alternative to archive your streams and share them as you please later.

Training Seminars

Many religious practitioners use livestreaming as an opportunity to run training seminars for those who are not able to attend in person.

Best Practices for Church Live Streaming

Live streaming sermons gained a lot of popularity due to the pandemic and for most of us who were unable to travel as we please. Since it's a relatively new medium, there are still a lot of questions regarding best practices.

Always Be Prepared

It's essential to run a couple of test streams before your service so you can ensure things are running smoothly. If livestreaming services are something new to your congregation, introduce the process with staff beforehand to be familiar with how everything works.

Encourage Online Participation

Ensure online participation by recognizing the folks that are watching at home and including them in prayer, worship, and service announcements.

Promote on Social Media

Encourage your leaders to invite their friends through social media so you can raise awareness.

How to Use Melon to Live Stream a Church Service

Create a professional broadcast and go live on your favorite social platforms with just a few clicks on There is no complicated setup, no downloads required. Just log in to our website and you'll already have what you need to start livestreaming. If you want to level up your livestreaming skills, check out this support article on getting started.

If there is anything you'd like to share with us or thoughts on what we should build next! Send us your feedback at [email protected] Find us on Twitter @melonappcom. Happy Streaming :)

-The Melon team 🍉