Practice mode: prepare with your guest before going live

Practice mode: prepare with your guest before going live
practice mode lets you set up your Melon streaming studio before clicking go live! 

You have an awesome idea for your live-stream show. You recruited your dream guests or perhaps it's just you leading the show. You got your Melon studio opened in seconds.

How do you make sure you or your guests look amazing when you live stream?

Melon got you covered with practice mode or waiting room.  Practice mode is safe space for you or you and your guests to prepare

How does practice mode help you have a higher quality live stream?

  • set-up the aesthetics of your stream such as banner, ticker, theme, alerts and your theme - see how it all looks together
  • pick a layout that works best for you
  • test your audio - make sure everyone, yourself included, can be heard clearly
  • test your video and if the cameras are on - see how everyone shows up on Melon canvas. should the room be lit better?
  • invite all your guests ahead of time so that you can do a test run
check your mic and camera before going live

On the Melon team we call it waiting room, but Instagram's recent release of Practice mode made us realize how amazing this feature us for all live streaming creators.

Check out this blog on volume control for guests (new feature) or this meta study on best lighting for live streams (helps  in practice mode)