Learn how to schedule LinkedIn Live events with Melon!

You can now schedule livestreams to LinkedIn Live directly from Melon studio. Learn how step by step with pictures. Create high quality live streams for free and in seconds

Learn how to schedule LinkedIn Live events with Melon!
Schedule events and livestreams to LinkedIn live with ease

Scheduling live streams is a great way to let your followers and community know that you will be streaming at a specific date and they should rally.

With Melon you can now schedule livestreams to LinkedIn Live directly from Melon studio. We are thrilled to partner with LinkedIn live on this feature and to bring it to the Melon community.

How do you create a scheduled LinkedIn live stream?

  1. Go to your Melon studio
  2. Click "Schedule"
  3. Pick LinkedIn Live. Remember that unlike other streaming platforms, LinkedIn is built for professional audiences and has specific requirements to stream. Check out this page if you are not a verified broadcaster. You will need to apply first. Once you apply - you can connect your LinkedIn live account within the settings -> destinations menu in Melon or simply add new destination from "Schedule" modal.
  4. Pick whether you want to schedule a pre-recorded stream or a live stream
Pick either a live-stream or a pre-recorded video. Either works for scheduled streams

5.  Enter required stream information such as title, description, your thumbnail and of course the date and time when you want to schedule your LinkedIn Live event

Enter scheduled event info to set up your scheduled stream

6.  Let your community know of the upcoming event. Share it on your social channels. This will create a LinkedIn Live post. This post can be shared with anyone.

7. When it comes time for your scheduled event, go to Melon, go to scheduled streams, click "Enter Studio" on the specific scheduled event and click go-live. It is important to enter the specific scheduled event and stream from that event.

Click on scheduled events to stream to that scheduled event - in this case you would see LinkedIn Live on the right hand pane 

Can I edit my LinkedIn live schedule events similar to YouTube scheduled streams? No you can not. Editing isn't available for Linkedin Live streams at this time.

Can I delete my LinkedIn live event?

  • Yes you can, but you need to delete it from within LinkedIn too. Deleting the stream from within Melon studio will not delete it from LinkedIn and your live event will still be displayed on your LinkedIn page.
  • Check out this great guide from LinkedIn on how to delete a scheduled event. In short, you will need to go to LinkedIn, look for events on the left hand side and then click manage event and delete the event

Is there anything else I need to know about scheduling streams to LinkedIn live from Melon? That's it. Just please remember that LinkedIn live has a few unique restrictions such as

  • Not everyone can broadcast on LinkedIn. You must first be a verified broadcaster. Apply here
  • You can not edit a scheduled LinkedIn Live event
  • To delete a scheduled LinkedIn live event - you must do so from LinkedIn directly. Deleting it from Melon will not delete it from LinkedIn.
  • You can go live up to 15 minutes early and a maximum of 2 hours late

LinkedIn is an incredible platform. To learn more about LinkedIn live

  • check out official tips from LinkedIn here
  • or check out our blog on best practices for streaming on LinkedIn.

Tons of people are using Melon to stream daily. Join them.