How to Screen Share When you Livestream with Melon

How to Screen Share When you Livestream with Melon

Now that you have started live streaming and sharing your experiences with the world at large, we want you to know that screen sharing might be one of the easiest and most powerful features to use during your broadcasts.

Want to know how? We’ll break it down for you in this blog.

How to Livestream with Melon

The first step to sharing your screen on a livestream is signing up for a Melon account. Besides using your email address, the option for social signup using your existing YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account is available too.

Once inside, Melon will ask you to allow access to your webcam and microphone. Enable both of those options; you'll need them to livestream.

Remember to set your personalized branding, that includes picking a theme, adding the logo of your choice along with banner and ticker, green screen, overlays - or uploading your own graphics - George broke it down in a guide on creating overlays.

Once ready, click on the green "Go Live" button and choose the platforms you want to stream to. Congratulations, you're an official Melon live streamer!

Start sharing your screen

Enabling screen sharing takes a few extra steps. Here's how to screenshare on Melon:

1.   Screen sharing settings

Click on the arrow up next to the "Share" icon.

Once you click on it, you'll see the following options:

  • Screen share in 1080p (Available for Pro users) - to share screen in HD resolution;
  • Auto-add Screen/Video to stream - if you toggle it on, your videos or screen will be added to canvas automatically

2.   Using screen sharing in a livestream

Now that you've set it up, click on the “Share” icon (or press Shift + S). Pick from screen, video and background music options.

If video sharing is picked, please navigate to your PC folders and choose the video you want to show to your audience. We accept any videos in MP4 format.

While you can not put both - screen and video - on canvas together, you can add several videos to the left sidebar and switch between them during your live show:

If you share a screen, a pop up will appear where you can choose what you want to share: either a browser tab, specific application, or the entire screen. Click the "Share" button to add it.

Videos you added to the left sidebar previously will remain there unless you close them by clicking on the X icon on their mini feed.

Make sure you checkmarked “Share tab audio” in order to share sound from the tab / screen, if supported by your device.

Audio support for screen sharing

While we’d like you to get the most out of using Melon, there are certain OS restrictions that don’t support audio sharing on some devices. We created a table to show you what is supported:

Please note: audio is currently not supported on the Firefox browser.

Another hint to still have audio while sharing the screen even if it isn’t supported by your OS - add background music! Yes, you’re right - you will be able to play it along with the screen or video you put on canvas. Background music is a recently added feature we covered here for you.

Once that's done, look for the thumbnail of the screen share you chose in the left sidebar. Add or remove it from your livestream by clicking on it (if the auto-add screen is on it will automatically pop up on your canvas). Easy!

Layouts in screen sharing mode

Now you started sharing screen and added it on canvas - what’s next? First of all, you are able to put it on spotlight mode by double-clicking on it so it will cover full screen. Viewers will still hear you but not see you that way.

You can completely hide it or kick it from the studio, too - both features are available on your left sidebar. But my favorite part is picking layouts!

You have 7 layouts available if you’re hosting the stream with added screen or video sharing, including picture in picture option, CNN type of layout and more. You will find them all on the bottom left of your studio once you add yourself + screen on canvas.

Bottom Line

Screen sharing is a powerful feature that lets you interact with your audience better and make the room feel more intimate. Whether it’s a casual conversation, business meeting, or live show, you can find different ways to share content with participants and impress your audience. Just get ready with assets and show them through Melon!

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send them our way at [email protected]

Happy streaming! Melon team