How to share screen and video files during a livestream

How to share screen and video files during a livestream
Share screen or a video file with Melon

Creating an interactive livestream is a key part of going live. In Melon you can share your screen, video files, or background music. In this post we will cover common uses cases for sharing content during your live-stream and a few tips on how to share screen with focus on audio

How are people using share screen or video file sharing within Melon during their streams?

  1. Present a desktop file such as an image
  2. Share a powerpoint or a document with your guests while you record or with your community while you stream
  3. Share a specific program or a specific tab in your browser
  4. Share a video file where you have control over the video and can pause or play

General tips on screen sharing

  • Screens haring functionality will differ based on browser and operating system. Check out this quick article for details
  • To enable sharing a video or your screen in Melon - click the share button
  • Both guests and hosts can screen share. It is up to the host to allow guest to screen share since it is their live stream
  • Once you share screen as a host, there are multiple layouts that are available in the bottom right. Pick the layout the suits you

Audio is sometimes lost when screen sharing. What is the best way to ensure audio is coming through when screen sharing with Melon?

  • To ensure that you have sound - you must click the share system audio checkbox in the bottom of your share screen. First, click share in Melon and then click the share system audio checkbox.
ability to share audio from entire screen is only available on windows - must check that box to share audio
  • Ability to share audio depends on the operating system. For example if you are on a MAC you will not be able to share audio unless you pick a tab. An easy way to remember this is that when you share a specific browser tab - there will always be audio.
browser tab will always have sound enabled 
  • If you keep forgetting to click share system audio - there is an easy workaround in Chrome. Please go to chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound on your chrome browser and make sure that sites can play sound is checked and add melon as one of the sites that is allowed to play sound. You are all set
  • When you share a video file there is also always going to be audio. You can get to the video file menu when you click the share button
click share to select whether you want to share your screen, a video file, or background audio

That's it! You are on your way to share video files or your screen and streaming like a PRO. Please don't forget to make that one time change in Chrome (if you are using Chrome) and allow Chrome to recognize Melon and share audio by going to chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound