How to Stream on Twitch

How to Stream on Twitch

New to Twitch? Learn how easy it is to start streaming on Twitch with Melon in a few steps.

If you already have an account, that's great, and if you don't, you will need to create a Twitch account before we get started. Head to and click sign up in the top right corner to get started. Enable two-factor authentication via a desktop computer. You can’t broadcast without enabling 2FA and you can’t enable 2FA on mobile devices. To enable 2FA, log into your account, find the security settings, and enable 2FA. You’ll need a mobile phone to do it.

Once you have your account, head to and sign in to Melon using your Twitch login credentials. Alternatively, you can sign into Melon using an account on a different platform and then link your Twitch account from Melon's settings page or when you click "Go Live."

enable mic

2. Enable Microphone and Camera

First, make sure that you enable microphone and camera access. If you log in for the first time, make sure you click allow to both camera and mic. If there are any issues, please reload the site and make sure you grant access. You can double-check that access is granted by clicking on the little lock icon on the left of the URL address bar near https. Right-click there and ensure that Melon is granted permissions to microphone and camera.

add yourself

3. Add Yourself to the Stream

Now you want to add yourself to the streaming canvas, which is the screen in the middle. Remember, whatever appears on this screen is what will appear on stream. Add yourself to the canvas by hovering over your camera feed and clicking "Show on Stream."

go live

4. Go Live

When you're ready to stream, click "Go Live" at the bottom of your screen. A modal will pop up where you will select the destination you want to stream to. Click on Twitch if you have already logged in, or link your Twitch account and input your credentials.

Once selected, you are all set up to stream to Twitch! Don't forget you can also multistream to other platforms in addition to Twitch if you are a Melon Pro user. Hope you enjoyed the video.

To recap:

  • Sign up for a Twitch account, enable 2FA and link it to Melon.
  • Make sure you enable microphone and camera access.
  • Add yourself to the middle canvas by clicking on your face in the left bar.
  • Click “Go Live” and select Twitch as your streaming destination
  • Have fun streaming!