How to Stream to Custom RTMP

How to Stream to Custom RTMP

Don’t see your streaming destination on our list of supported platforms? Don’t worry, you can still stream there via a Custom RTMP.

A Custom RTMP destination is when you are streaming to a custom destination that is not supported by Melon.

Examples of a Custom RTMP can be your personal website or a streaming platform that is not listed on As long as you know the RTMP URL and your stream key, you should be able to stream there with Melon.

log in

1. Login to Melon

Login to Melon with any account. Remember, your login account does not need to be the same as your streaming account. This is true for any streaming destination and you can always change where you want to stream in settings later on.

enable mic

2. Enable Microphone and Camera

First, make sure that you enable microphone and camera access. If you log in for the first time, make sure you click allow to both camera and mic. If there are any issues, please reload the site and make sure you grant access. You can double-check that access is granted by clicking on the little lock icon on the left of the URL address bar near https. Right-click there and ensure that Melon is granted permissions to microphone and camera.

add yourself

3. Add Yourself to the Stream

Now you want to add yourself to the streaming canvas, which is the screen in the middle. Remember, whatever appears on this screen is what will appear on stream. Add yourself to the canvas by hovering over your camera feed and clicking "Show on Stream."

go live

4. Go LiveTry Melon Free

Finally, click go live, pick Custom RTMP, and enter the destination name, RMPT URL, and your stream key. You should get these from the streaming platform that you want to stream to. Click add and you are done!

To recap:

  • Custom RTMP allows you to stream to a site that's not Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Periscope.
  • All you need is the URL and your stream key, which you should know from the destination where you are sending your stream.
  • Don't forget to enable mic/camera access and have fun streaming!