Introducing Melon Studio 2.0 - More intuitive, feature-packed, and customizable for you

Introducing Melon Studio 2.0 - More intuitive, feature-packed, and customizable for you

We have launched a brand new redesign of your studio. Packed with exciting new features such as text presets, theme styles, and many more. Our team at Melon has been thinking hard about how to make your streaming experience more enjoyable. We are confident that these changes will make you love Melon even more. Let’s walk you through some of the changes.

  • Settings, redesigned: We have reorganized our settings to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. With hints of what items are inside each setting tab, you no longer have to guess where things are.

  • “Logo” has been moved inside the “Design” tab to keep the top-level navigation tabs clean. Since your logo is a critical part of your brand, it makes sense to be inside the “Design” tab.
  • Introducing the “Texts” tab: We have combined the Banner and Ticker settings tabs into a unified “Texts” tab. This is where you will manage all the captions and texts you’d like to display on stream.
  • “Green Screen” has been moved inside the “Videos” tab. Green screen affects your video feed, so we moved this here to keep the navigation simple.
  • “Settings” and “Apps” are redesigned to make the information easier to view.

But wait, there is more! Beyond these changes, we have also added exciting new features. Let’s go through them:

  • Multiple Logo Support: Switching between different logos is now much easier! We have added an ability for you to upload multiple logos at the same time and pick between them, just like you would with your backgrounds.

  • Pre-saved Texts: Easily switch between the title of your show, your social media handles, and other texts on stream by creating texts beforehand. No more awkwardly typing on stream.

  • Introducing Theme Styles: Make your stream stand out with one of the four unique theme styles we just introduced. Pick the style that matches your brand, and you will see it applied to your Banner, Ticker, Guest Names, and Highlighted Chat.

  • Introducing Primary and Secondary Colors: We have replaced the Banner and Ticker colors for the more universal Primary and Secondary colors. The primary color affects your banner and highlighted chat, while the secondary color affects your participants' names, ticker and other small accents.
  • 30+ themes getting added this month: Stay tuned for them as we gradually add beautiful themes for you to choose from.

We are very excited to share these changes with you. We hope you like them, so please give us a shout if you have any feedback or questions about the changes, or just to say hello!

As always, happy streaming!

Melon Team