Introducing Melon, the easiest way to live stream to Facebook or YouTube!

Introducing Melon, the easiest way to live stream to Facebook or YouTube!

More people are livestreaming to connect with others, grow their business, share an idea, and to build communities. Livestreaming is here to stay.

Melon is the easiest way to livestream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch or a custom social platform. Livestream directly from your browser with your default camera and microphone or through your mobile/tablet device.

Let’s go over three things: (1) why build Melon, (2) main benefits, (3) different ways people are using Melon today.

Why build Melon

  • To empower content creators to do more. That’s it.
  • Everyone should be able to go live on Facebook or YouTube with just a few clicks. Melon is here to do just that.

Main benefits

We will continue to add more new features based on what we hear from you!

  • No complicated setup. Nothing to install. Your guests do not need to make an account. Log in with your email or Google or Facebook and go live in just a few clicks.
  • Melon is streamlined for anyone to get started in livestreaming.



  • Reach more people when you stream. Go live on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch all at the same time. Again, you can do this with just one click. We will take care of the rest on our servers.
  • Besides multistream being easy for you, why does multistream matter? Because you can reach more people. Because you can see where your content and your message resonate more. Perhaps you’ve been streaming to YouTube, but the Facebook audience loves your content more. Now you can be everywhere at the same time.


Personalize your live-stream

  • Make your broadcast yours! Stand out among others. Add your brand. Add your backgrounds.
  • You can do this with ease by picking some of the pre-loaded overlays or uploading your own logo and background.



  • Melon is lighting fast. Everything is done in the cloud, preserving your computer. Blazing fast response time and low CPU usage when you stream to Facebook or YouTube.
  • We built Melon so that you can feel in the moment when you stream. Focus on your conversation!


Tools to engage your audience

  • News ticker helps you remind folks of the message. Banner lets you title your show. Integrated chat that syncs chat from the Facebook chat or the YouTube chat directly to melon as well as private chat just for you and your guests.
  • You or your guests can share your screen and of course, you get to control who is in the broadcast.
  • There are multiple ways in which you can interact with your audience when you stream.


Different ways people are using Melon today

Here are some examples of how Melon is being used today.
  • Podcasting: Podcasters are taking their shows live. They are either inviting guests on stream to have a real-time conversation or by having a solo show, and interacting with their viewers through live chat.
  • Small businesses: We’ve seen folks leverage Melon to grow their business, especially on Facebook.
  • Updates on different topics: You can use Melon to share a message with your community about any topic you care about. Business or non-business.
  • Education: Teachers are using Melon to hold seminars, classes and to educate their students on the growing livestreaming space.
  • Music: Artists are going live and sharing their music with their communities.

And so much more.

Melon is free to try. There is no trial and no credit card required.

To sum, Melon is the easiest way to live-stream to Facebook or YouTube. We built Melon to democratize live content creation and we packed it full of amazing features such as multi-streaming, audience engagement tools, and above all, the easiest go-live process today (no downloads, no accounts, just start streaming!).

We are excited for you to try Melon and to create amazing content for your community!