Live Streaming Etiquette: Top Do’s and Don’ts

In this article, we’ve outlined the top do’s and don’ts for live stream etiquette that you’ll want to embed in the back of your mind before starting your next stream.

Live Streaming Etiquette: Top Do’s and Don’ts

While office or dinner table etiquette may be common knowledge, live streaming etiquette is not as likely to be second nature to some. Considering live streaming (and content creation as a whole) is somewhat of a new industry, the unwritten rules aren’t quite as obvious. From promoting your live stream to engaging with your audience, there is so much to consider that you may not be privy to coming in the door.

At Melon, we want to see you succeed as a live streamer, and we’re here to guide you through all parts of your journey. Ahead, we’ve outlined the top do’s and don’ts for live stream etiquette that you’ll want to embed in the back of your mind before starting your next stream.

DO: Promote your live streams and notify your community of when you’ll be streaming.

Whether you post a reminder on your preferred social media platform or send a reminder via Discord, it’s important to get comfortable with self-promotion (no matter how uncomfortable it may be in the beginning).

DON’T: Spam your followers or other communities to join your stream.

If you want to grow your audience, spamming members of your community (or of other streamers) is never the way. Avoid posting in other creators’ chats to self-promote or tagging people unnecessarily on social media to join your stream.

DO: Interact with your viewers

When you’re a smaller streamer working steadily to grow your audience, it’s in your best interest to take full advantage of the direct dialogue with your viewers. Outside of merely responding to messages in your chat, ask questions to get the conversation going. Don’t forget to look into the camera while speaking to your viewers!

DON’T: Ignore your chat or stop engaging with viewers throughout your stream

Simply put, no one likes to be ignored—this also goes for your livestream viewers. Of the do’s and don’ts on this live streaming etiquette list, this may be the most important for building community. Watch how the support pours in when your viewers feel seen and included.

DO: Prep before your stream

As the age-old saying goes, “stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.” Always test your streaming quality before going live (and yes, we mean both audio and video). Additionally, outline some speaking points if it makes sense for what you’ll be streaming. Once you hit the live button, you should be ready to deliver to your audience without the worry of your stream going haywire looming in the back of your mind.

DON’T: Wing it

If you plan on taking live streaming seriously, you need to get in the habit of prepping for your audience. Rule number one of good etiquette for live streaming (among other things) is always to be a welcoming, gracious host.

DO: Create a streaming schedule and stick to it

As a content creator, how often have you heard the phrase “consistency is key?” Chances are you’ve lost count at this point, but we’re here to remind you that it’s the honest truth.

DON’T: Be the inconsistent streamer that followers will forget over time

When you start growing an audience that genuinely enjoys your content, you somewhat become a part of their everyday lives. No loyal viewer wants to be left wondering when their new favorite streamer (you, of course) will be delivering more awesome content. On the other hand, it’s important to find balance and take the necessary time off to avoid burnout.

DO: Network with other streamers and influencers in your niche

For a long time, networking was associated with face-to-face events that forced you to get out of your shell to speak to others. In the digital world of content creation, you can network by authentically connecting with other creators and supporting their content. At some point, it may turn into a true friendship or mutually beneficial collaboration.

DON’T: Reach out to collaborate before building an authentic relationship

Like in real life, you may find other creators with whom you instantly connect. However, there’s no need to be hasty. Before presenting the idea of a collaboration to another streamer, please familiarize yourself with their content and show support. If and when that love is reciprocated, shoot for the collab. You can read this blog post to learn more about collaborating with other streamers and influencers.

DO: Follow these do’s and don’ts of live stream etiquette.

We promise not to lead you astray.

DON’T: Forget to share this with a live streamer that may find it useful

Although there aren’t any hard rules of etiquette for live streaming set in stone, the items we outlined in this guide are great tips to set you and your livestream up for success. Above all, be kind and spread joy as a live streamer; the same energy is destined to come back to you.