Guide to Multistreaming

Guide to Multistreaming

Today creators have a ton of options where to produce content and where to go live. You can live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin, Twitter, or even a custom platform of your choice. As live-streaming continues to grow so do options and ways for creators to be successful.

Today creators do not need to limit themselves to just one platform. They can stream to all at the same time with Multistream. Let’s discuss how and what are the benefits.

What is multistreaming?

Multistreaming is going live to multiple platforms simultaneously. It is very similar to regular streaming. The only difference is that you're streaming to multiple content networks like YouTube and Facebook at the same time. Content creators only have to stream once and simulcast their content on multiple networks. You just need to have an account with each platform. Then you click one button and our servers take care of everything.

If you are a music artist and not a digital content creator, multistreaming would be the equivalent of doing a live performance in multiple countries all at the same time - growing your audience, growing your reach, growing your experience.

what is multistreaming

Benefits of multistreaming

Before creators were able to multistream, each network meant another dedicated broadcast. If you were on three platforms, that meant repeating the same broadcast three times.

When creators multistream, they no longer have that issue. Other than the obvious benefit of reaching a wider audience with less effort, there are other less obvious benefits.

  • Grow your audience and extend your reach. The more platforms you are on, the more people see you. Multistreaming maximizes your chances of getting discovered by new audiences. You no longer have to choose between mainstream and niche platforms since you can use both at the same time.
  • Save your time: With multistreaming, you can avoid broadcasting the same session many times. It's also more efficient than downloading and re-uploading your content to other platforms
  • Easy: One button to click go-live and you are live. Set up your streaming accounts once and never do it again.
  • Interact with your community with ease via integrated chat: With multistreaming you can get chat from all your streaming platforms all in one place and you can interact with your community with ease.
  • Earn extra: You can generate extra revenue streams from each streaming platform. With Melon, you get the only multistreaming app that also supports donations. Imagine getting paid subscribers and donations across 4 streaming platforms? That is 4 revenue streams
  • Learn about your audience using data. Multistreaming makes it easy to compare how your content performs on different platforms. If your content performs better on Facebook and LinkedIn than YouTube and Twitch, you can focus on those platforms instead. Test and explore new emerging networks together with your audience.
  • Be where your fans are: No need trying to guess where you resonate most. If you have fans on FaceBook - stream there. If you have fans or a potential future fan base on YouTube - stream there too.
  • Benefit from each streaming platform - no need to chose - have it all: Different platforms have different benefits. Maybe it is easier to gain followers on YouTube, but easier to get donations on Twitch. Maybe YouTube helps you grow a following because it combines live stream and static video, but Facebook gets you in front of your friends and your existing community getting you a follower base from day 1. You can have all of the benefits with multi-stream.

Multistreaming allows content creators to focus on their true passion — creating.

who is streaming

Who is using multistream today?

Multistream and melon are used by tens of thousands of people each day. Here are just some of the folks we see multistream today:

  • House of worship
  • Small businesses
  • Podcasters
  • Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sports and media commentators
  • And more

How to multistream

This will be the easiest part. All you need is to have a streaming account with the platform where you want to stream, use melon to multistream and you are all set.

You do not need to make different content for different platforms. You just need different accounts entered once and then you use one system to send the same content to all platforms simultaneously via multistream.

To multistream, creators need to:

  1. Set up accounts on platforms that support streaming
  2. Pick the multistreaming solution
  3. Set up the multistreaming solution
  4. Go live to multiple platforms

Tips for running an effective multistream

  1. Just stream. There is nothing better than action. Give it a shot now.
  2. Use social media. With melon you can enable Twitter notifications when you go live. Let your community know you are streaming.
  3. Schedule your streams ahead of time.
  4. Customize your streams. Make them unique yours with different designs.

Platforms that support streaming

There are many different platforms. With us you can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Linkedin, or a custom RTMP.


So how do you decide where to multistream? The safest option is to make accounts on all the major platforms so Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin and just stream. There are of course niche platforms where if your content matches with that platform audience - its worth considering streaming there via custom RTMP.

Other variables you can think about are:

  • What are the biggest platforms? It is a safe bet that streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch at the same time is a safe bet. They are top ranked sites in the world with large viewership. Having a presence there is a good investment in the future.
  • What is your niche? Perhaps you create more professional content - consider streaming to LinkedIn. Perhaps you create content for house of worship - find a streaming platform that hosts that content and push your stream there via custom RTMP. Maybe you are a musician - then MixCloud is a good pick.
  • Where do you have a following today that can give you a head start? Perhaps you are new to streaming, but you have a few followers on YouTube - start there and add other platforms. Perhaps you are new to all of it, but you have friends on Facebook - start there and then add other platforms and multistream.

Building a quality audience and an online presence takes time. Multistream will help, but there are no shortcuts.

Multistreaming solutions: what are my options?

There are 2 basic ways that you can multistream.

First, you can use hardware encoders. This is sophisticated hardware tech that you’d purchase and then stream. This is likely beyond the scope for most folks, but if you are curious - please reach out to [email protected] and we will help.

The hardware encoder works by sending the feed to multiple streaming platforms.

Next, you can use multistreaming software. Melon is one example. Streamlabs OBS is another example. These are easy to use and will do all the work for you in the cloud. We are of course biased, but we recommend Melon.

The cloud or the software encoder works bys ending the feed to a cloud-based service and from there sending the feed to multiple streaming platforms.

multistream with melon

How to multistream with Melon

Melon is a web-based live streaming studio that enables creators to go live with ease. Easily broadcast to social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitch, go live in just a few clicks. Make professional quality streams in seconds from your browser. Invite guests with ease for talk shows. No downloads required for you or your guests. Tons of customization options to personalize your show. Monetize your live streams with donations and alerts.

Used by thousands of people each month, ranging from F500 companies to creators to small business owners to specific industries such as house of worship. Reliable, cloud-based, lighting fast. Packed with features to make your live-stream stand-out and to grow your audience.

Melon also comes with some other powerful, intuitive features such as :

  • No downloads required for you or your guests. Make professional streams in seconds
  • Stream to multiple platforms at the same time. Stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Custom RTMP to grow your audience
  • Donations give you ability to earn income from your live stream
  • Alerts enable you to recognize your supporters
  • 24/7 best in class support with real people who want to help you
  • Show off your socials, brand, or call to action via banner and news-like ticker. Save feature profiles different profiles for different shows
  • Best in class cloud-based infrastructure hosts everything in the cloud, preserving your CPU
  • 1080p streaming and recording
  • Green screen
  • Up to 10 guests in show room
  • Recording of your stream or just native recording without going live
  • Engage your audience with alerts and by highlighting comments on stream
  • Share images, gifs, screen, intros and outros
  • Schedule streams ahead of time to generate momentum and give your community heads up

Let's recap

  • Multistreaming enables creators to show up in multiple streaming platforms at the same time with one click
  • Multistreaming lets creators grow their audience, learn more, and grow faster
  • Melon is the easiest way to multistream
  • Melon has incredible audio video quality, is hosted on best in class cloud infrastructure and it comes packed with feature. Multistream with melon today and grow your stream!