Network Indicators Explained

Network Indicators Explained

When you added yourself to the broadcast today, you probably noticed new network indicators displayed on your camera feed next to your name tag. You may be wondering: what's this for? In short, we released these identifiers to let you know when your guest's internet connection is struggling and to indicate CPU overuse. Let’s cover the essentials!

Indicator Types

  1. 5-bar icon - indicating a strong connection. This icon is always visible for you and your guests but won't be visible to viewers
  2. 4-bar icon or less - connection is unstable or weak. If you or your guests experience an issue with internet connection, it will be reflected on your Studio.
  3. No connection icon - Total connection loss. This happens if you or your guests get disconnected from the stream or moved to a location where the internet is not supported. Guests may get frozen till their connection is restored.
  4. CPU icon - this indicator means your machine is overloading and your browser is struggling due to CPU overuse. Close any and all browser window tabs and ensure you do not have any apps running in the background. Check your Task Manager (PC) or Activity Monitor (MacOS) to close software that you’re not using during your live broadcast.

How Do Network Indicators Work?

  • First off, network indicators will never be shown to your audience/viewers. They're shown to help you. Internet disruptions are commonplace with many streamers.
  • You may see a combination of both - internet drop + CPU overuse network icons - they'll appear next to name tags.
  • If there’s only one participant struggling - you will see the icon next to their name tag.
  • If you have a connection drop or CPU overuse - your guests will see it on the studio.
  • If your name tags & audio icons are not enabled in settings, you and your guests will still see indicators on screen in order to show you the current connection status.

Network indicators are only visible to Guests. Your viewers will never see network indicator icons. This is your internal tool to help identify issues on the fly. If you are willing to hide it - please navigate to Menu and click on Settings. From there you can toggle off the indicators:

What other tooltips & indicators would you like to see on Melon? Share your feedback with us by emailing [email protected] and we’ll build it!

Happy streaming!

The Melon team 🍉