New Feature Round-up

New Feature Round-up

Here at Melon, we're always listening to our community. Whether it's new feature suggestions or how we can improve something, we take everything into consideration. In addition to significant product improvements like local recording, hotkeys, and volume control for guests, we've also added more minor features based on your feedback to make the overall Melon experience better for everyone involved.

We wanted to revisit all of these features in one place because we know how important it is that our streamers are aware of what's available, so we can continue to deliver a fantastic streaming service through Melon.

  1. Avatars: You can now view Facebook profile avatars using stream chat
  2. Invoice history: We’ve expanded invoice history up to 18 months
  3. Intros/outros: We’ve added new intro and outro videos, plus we added a filter to help you search for stock videos or ones you've added yourself.
  4. Name Display: We’ve added the option to display your guests' names at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Delete Video/Audio: We've added the ability to delete videos from your Broadcasts & Recordings page
  6. Overlays: We've added additional overlay themes to help you personalize your brand.
  7. LinkedIn Pre-Record: You can now live stream pre-recorded video on LinkedIn
  8. Chat Limit: You can now view up to 150 messages using stream chat
  9. Highlighted chat improvements: Messages you highlight now stay on the chat grid and get pinned at the bottom.

In conclusion, we hope the addition of these new features helps you stream live more effectively. We want to thank you for the amazing support thus far and will continue to look for ways to make your Melon streaming experience even better.

We welcome any feedback on what we can do to make it better! If you have suggestions, please reach out to us on our contact page.