New layouts on Melon! Customize and grow your live stream!

3 new layouts on melon - grow your livestream with #1 streaming app
Overlay just like Zoom when screen sharing - now on Melon! 

You asked and we delivered. 3 new layouts are live on Melon right now. Please keep bringing ideas forward and we will do our best to execute.

What are the 3 new livestream layouts? Check out this video from our very own Veronika

new overlays for your live-stream with melon

Why these 3? Because majority of the folks voted for them and we work for you.

How should I use them? This is your show. We are here to support you as a creator. Layouts enable you to customize your stream.

Who are some creators using these layouts? Just today we saw a podcaster, a musician, and someone commentating on current events use these. Check them out

Questions or suggestions? Please reach out to [email protected]

Want to learn more about growing your live-stream or overlays ? Then check out more on our blog.