How to Record Your Live Stream with Melon

How to Record Your Live Stream with Melon

Recording is now available within Melon. You (our users) dictate what we build. We are happy to deliver this and have so much more coming.

With recording you can now:

  1. Record without going live. Just record your camera or contents of your screen or a private call between you and your guest. This will not be streamed so you can choose to what do later with your recording.
  2. Record your live stream. That means that you can stream and record at the same time.

Ok that's great, but what do you get out of it as a professional broadcaster. People are using recording in many ways - for example

  1. Recording a show without going live gives you a place to record videos in peace. You can practice by yourself or with a guest. You can also upload these pre-recorded videos on Facebook or YouTube. You can use them on your socials, or leverage the content the grow your brand.
  2. Recording your live stream gives you a recording to fall back on that you can again leverage in other channels to grow your brand. Since everything is stored in Melon - you don’t need to worry about going to multiple platforms to fetch your videos. Easy access. Time saved!

Let’s quickly go through how to use recording:

To do a simple recording (no livestream): click Go Live and then toggle Record Only in the bottom

record only

To record your live stream (stream and record at same time), click Edit Screen and enable Recording toggle

record settings

To access all your recordings, go to Settings in top left and click on Broadcasts.

record download

That’s it! Happy recording and streaming. If you have questions and or if you have ANY ideas for how we can improve, things you want to see us build - please email [email protected].