Save Your Stream Settings with Stream Profiles

Save Your Stream Settings with Stream Profiles

With stream profiles you can now save your settings and easily toggle between settings that may apply to a single show or different show. Stream profiles do 2 key things for you: (1) save you time during your live-streams and (2) help you get your show to the next level.

This is yet another feature that the community asked and we are happy to deliver.

First, how do I enable stream profiles?

  1. Open Melon studio
  2. Click on Edit Screen
  3. Click on the dropdown next to your current profile to save your current settings or create a new profile

With stream profiles you can save:

  • Ticker
  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Background
  • Video Profiles

You can easily toggle between profiles with just 1 click. You can store up to 10 profiles.

How are people using this feature?

  • Easily toggle between different tickers during a show without need to retype a ticker. For example: some creators have their social media and branding in the ticker and they chose to swap with a specific message they want to pass to their audience
  • Easily toggle between backgrounds, media libraries and logos. For example some are running multiple shows with different creative and different branding

We love building things per your request. If you have other features you want us to build - please email [email protected]. Take care and enjoy streaming.