Stream From Zoom to Melon - Full Guide

Stream From Zoom to Melon - Full Guide

We recently released a Stream Forwarding feature, which allows you to connect external apps like Zoom with your Melon account to multistream. Zoom is a powerful solution for conference calls that you can now connect with Melon and use as a liaison between Zoom and multiple destinations you have already added to your Melon account. Let’s go over this step-by-step for proper setup:

Zoom requirements

  • Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account required
  • The host is Licensed
  • Zoom desktop client:
  • Windows: version 4.0.29183.0407 or higher
  • macOS: version 4.0.29208.0410 or higher
Please visit this Zoom support article for more information.

Enable live streaming on Zoom

To start live streaming on Zoom, please:

1. Sign in to your account on Zoom's Main Page;

2. Go to your Settings page:

3. From your Meeting tab click on In Meeting (Advanced)

4. Scroll down until you see Allow live streaming of meetings

5. Enable it and checkmark Custom Live Streaming Service - once done, you will see a notification indicating that your settings have been updated.

6. Now go back to your Meetings tab, navigate to Personal Room, then to Live Streaming. Click on Configure Custom Streaming Service.

7. You will see the fields required to submit on your Zoom account.

8. Log into Melon, and go to your Stream Forwarding settings page. Select the platforms you want to stream to:

Please note: LinkedIn and Twitter are not supported for Stream Forwarding.

9. Now copy & paste the RTMPS link and Stream key to enter on your Zoom account for the Stream URL, Stream key, and Livestreaming page URL. For Livestreaming page URL, enter

10. After filling in all fields required, click the Save button.

Congratulations! You just allowed Zoom to stream using your Melon account!

Time to Start Streaming

1. Now that you have set up your Zoom with Melon, Open your Zoom and start a New Meeting or pick a meeting you already Scheduled.

2. When you’re ready to go live, click on the More icon as shown below and pick Live on Custom Live Streaming Service:

3. Doing so, will open a new tab with a progress bar notifying you that Zoom is preparing your live stream:

4. Once you've been redirected to the live streaming page,

Boom! You’re live! Once you’re done live streaming on Zoom, click the down-arrow next to the highlighted red Live indicator and hit Stop Live Stream. This will stop your live stream:

Removing Melon from Zoom account

In order to remove Melon from Zoom please:

  • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  • Click Manage > Added Apps or search for the Melon app.
  • Click the ‘Remove’ button.

Second option would be:

  • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Settings page;
  • From your Meeting tab click on In Meeting (Advanced);
  • Scroll down until you see Allow live streaming of meetings;
  • Disable Custom Live Streaming service.

Share us your feedback about this new feature release by emailing us at [email protected] - we actively listen to our user feedback and improve daily! Happy Streaming.

The Melon team🍉