How to stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time

How to stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time

If you want to expand your audience and connect with more people, live streaming may be the right strategy for you. YouTube and Facebook are particularly effective platforms for content creators to interact with their audiences and drive both engagement and traffic.

It can be difficult to gain the necessary exposure to grow your brand or business. However, thanks to the tools available on Melon, YouTube, and Facebook, you can multistream to both platforms, your viewers can interact with you in real-time, and they can even watch your videos or live content later. It’s quick and simple; all you need is a camera or webcam and a computer (or smartphone) with internet access!

This blog will explain what each platform has to offer, the advantages of streaming to more than one platform at the same time, and how to start multistreaming with Melon.

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What is Multistreaming?

Multistreaming is also known as simulcasting or restreaming. This is the process of streaming a single piece of live content to multiple platforms simultaneously. Utilizing web-based streaming software or hardware encoders allows users to stream live feed to multiple destinations at the same time. For example, simultaneously stream live content to Facebook and YouTube.

Benefits of Multistreaming

Reach a Broader Audience

The bottom line is that you want your live content to be seen by as many people as possible. The more platforms you are streaming to, the more people you will reach. It is relevant to note that FaceBook's algorithm prioritizes live streaming over traditional videos. On the other hand, YouTube is notorious for giving its users a list of 'suggested videos' based on what they are currently watching. Both of these features are great for reaching more people and growing your audience base.

Maximize the Strengths of Each Platform

Each platform has slightly different characteristics in terms of the demographics and behaviors of its users. For instance, when visiting YouTube, you are there to watch videos. When visiting Instagram, users are primarily there to see images. Facebook may be the most eclectic of the social platforms as users can scroll through text posts, look at pictures, or become absorbed by video content.

Obtain Statistics

Multistreaming allows you to gain a better understanding of who your audience base is, as well as which platforms they are the most interested in. This provides useful insights on which platforms to add based on the data gathered.

Instantly Convert to On-Demand Content

One of the best multistreaming features is that once the live stream is over, the video is automatically published as on-demand content. This means that both platform users who watched the live stream and those who did not can scroll through their feed and either watch for the first time or watch it again. Repetition is important when promoting your brand.

Much Quicker

Multistreaming allows you to stream live content simultaneously without the need to repost the same session multiple times on different platforms. This saves you a great deal of time and resources.

Deliver Content Where Your Audience Lives

Many people will not go outside of their comfort zone to watch content on a platform they are not familiar with. Instead, they will find similar content on the platforms they prefer. Restreaming allows you to meet your audience where they are, allowing easier access for them to consume your content.

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How to Multistream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time

Whether you are new to streaming or a seasoned pro, multistreaming is very simple to implement. There are several options to multistream, including Streamlabs, Restream, Castr, Pivo, Melon, and countless others. For this guide, we will walk you through step-by-step how to use the web-based live streaming app Melon to multistream your live content.

  1. Decide which platforms you want to stream to. (Melon supports YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, or a custom RTMP).
  2. Create an account with each platform if you haven't already. This is simple to do and takes only a few minutes for each one.
  3. Since Melon is a cloud-based multistream solution, you do not need additional hardware since the cloud platform handles all processing. All you need is a webcam, Melon account, and a web browser, and you are ready to multistream!
  4. Sign in or create a Melon account. (You can sign in with one of your existing platform accounts such as Facebook or YouTube)
  5. Enable your microphone and camera.
  6. Decide whether to show or hide yourself and/or your guests.
  7. Connect to the platforms you wish to live stream to.
  8. You are ready to go live!

It really is that simple to multistream. You can go live and connect with your audience across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes. Melon also allows you to invite guests, begin a group chat, edit the layout, and customize settings.


What are the benefits of streaming to YouTube?

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to live stream on, there is no better time than now. YouTube has recently rolled out a variety of new features that make live streaming on the platform more enticing for content creators. If you’re used to only posting videos, live streaming will help you take your content creation game to the next level.

YouTube Clips

With YouTube Clips, users can share 60-second video clips on their favorite social media platform, driving traffic back to the creator’s channels, and helping discoverability. If viewers like what they see, they can save it by tapping the camera icon and save all or part of the video. They can then directly share your recorded clips on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video option on YouTube for creators who want to shoot quick 60-second videos with their phones. Like other YouTube videos, YouTube Shorts are discoverable in search results, featured on the homepage, and more visible to viewers all over the world. YouTube Shorts is a fantastic tool for creators to help engage their audience and help discoverability.

Community Tab

Although not a new feature, YouTube’s community tab allows creators to update their viewers quickly. The community tab is your direct line of communication with your viewers, whether you’re about to release a new video, have an exciting guest on your next podcast, or are hosting a fun giveaway.

Enable live streaming on YouTube

To enable live streaming on YouTube, you need to verify your account. Go to YouTube to learn more about verifying your account and get that done. All it takes is one click, but it's a requirement set by YouTube for new accounts. It takes 24 hours to get verified, so please plan ahead of time.

What are the benefits of streaming to Facebook?

Facebook is a must-have resource for new brands looking to grow their business through live streaming. It provides a variety of monetization options and can assist you in connecting with customers all over the world, whether you are streaming to profiles, group pages, or timelines.

Connect with an already established audience

Facebook makes it simple to promote your content. The flexibility to broadcast to specific pages, timelines, or groups means that you can reach viewers everywhere! Even if you’re only posting for friends and family, if they like what you’re doing, there’s a good chance they’ll support your content!

Melon recently introduced multi-account streaming, meaning you can connect and multistream to an unlimited number of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. You can even stream to different Facebook pages and groups at the same time!

Monetization options

Facebook comes with a variety of monetization options, like Facebook Stars and Fan subscriptions.

Facebook Stars is a feature that allows you to monetize your live videos on Facebook. Viewers can purchase Stars and send them to you while you’re live or on previous live videos. Facebook will pay you $0.01 for each Star you receive.

Fan subscriptions cost $4.99 per year, and Facebook will not charge any fees beginning in August 2020 and continuing for the following year. To be eligible for subscriptions, you must have at least 10,000 followers or 250+ return viewers, as well as one of the following in the last 60 days: 1) 50,000 Post Engagements or 2) 180,000 Watch Minutes.

Brands That Have Harnessed the Power of Multistreaming

Cookbook Promotion

Jamie Oliver is a British chef who used multistreaming to promote his new cookbook entitled Veg. He would live stream recipes from his cookbook as a way of effectively persuading his audience to purchase it.

Google My Business Strategic Partnerships

The head of this well-known brand used multistreaming to host question and answer sessions for her audience.

Bristol Reese Boutique

The owner of this clothing began streaming online to promote her new brand and launch new products. Her audience base grew to the point that she could expand and open a brick & mortar store.


In 2016, Target streamed a live music video featuring Gwen Stefani. It is interesting to note that this was the very first live music video!

Telethon for America

Telethon for America is a nonpartisan initiative that live streams on both Facebook and YouTube in an effort to convince Americans to pledge votes.


Futuregames is a company dedicated to designing mobile games that everyone will love. They successfully live stream across 3 different platforms to reach as much of their audience as they can.

The Bottom Line

Multistreaming is an effortless way for startups, small businesses, and even enterprises to get their brands to not only get in front of their target audience but expand it. When using web-based multistreaming services, there is no need to invest in expensive equipment or worry about bandwidth. The tools you already have for streaming is all you need.

Ready to unlock the power of multistreaming? Go live with Melon right now!