Customize your streams with Melon. Watch the tutorial below otherwise, keep scrolling for Melon customization setup!

Melon offers a variety of options to personalize your stream with a few additional exclusives with PRO. Upload your own overlays, a custom logo, a ticker/banner, or change the headline of your stream.

Customize your stream while you're live too! Familiarize yourself with these options to see what works best for you. :)

Why should I personalize my Melon broadcast?

The more personalization of your streams, the better your viewability as well as more ways to express yourself and your personal brand.

If I add overlays, images, or backgrounds to my livestream - can I change them later?

Absolutely! Change anything and everything at any time during you're live or after.

What can I customize on my stream?

  • Add a background
  • Add your own custom logo
  • Add a ticker or banner
  • Add an overlay
  • Edit your brand color and font

How do I start customizing?

From your Melon Studio click Menu > Design.

How do I add my own logo?

From your Design page scroll down to Logo. (static PNG or JPG formats accepted only)