Customize your broadcast with Melon. Watch the tutorial video below otherwise, keep scrolling for instructions on Melon customization options!

Melon offers a ton of options to personalize your stream with a few additional exclusives through PRO. Upload your own overlays, add a custom logo, edit your name, add a ticker/banner, or change the headline of your stream.


Customize your stream while you're live. Add an agenda to your ticker or change your background. Play around with our settings to familiarize yourself with them and see what works best for you.

Why should I personalize my Melon broadcast?

From our members’ experience, personalizing your broadcast will pay off and increase your viewability.

If I add overlays/images/backgrounds to my broadcast - can I change them later?

You can change anything and everything at any time.

What can I customize?

  • Your background
  • Your Logo
  • Tickers/Banners
  • Overlays
  • Participant names

How do I customize?

From your Melon Studio click the Menu > Design.

How do I add my own logo?

From your Design settings page scroll down to Logo. (PNG or JPG formats accepted only)