You’re live! Fantastic but did you know Melon supports your stream chat? There are two types of chat to take note of during your broadcast on Melon:

  • Private Chat privately with the participants you invited. (Guests only)
  • Stream Chat with your audience. All comments on all platforms, all from one easy-to-locate place.

Private chat is equivalent to a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting. It is a private chat that is not being streamed. A private chat is just between you and whomever you invite to your stream. Even when you decide to stream, the chat will remain private.


Stream chat is public for anyone. If you are streaming to multiple platforms your Stream chat will combine all messaging into one chat display.

Great, so how do you use it?

Click on the chat bubble to the right of your Melon Studio.


Chat windows are for stream chat or private chat for your guests. Messages will highlight when received.


What platforms does Melon support for sending and receiving chat?

For full transparency please see below for all platforms we support currently:

 Facebook Pages
 Facebook Groups
 Facebook Profiles
 Custom RTMP

Should I be looking at chat during my stream?

It is good practice to interact with your viewers on chat if you want to develop a lasting relationship with your audience.

How do I make my stream and my chat public on Facebook?

  1. Go to Business Integrations from your Facebook Settings page.
  2. When you see Melon on the list, click View and edit.
  3. In the dropdown menu locate "Who can use this app?" and select as Public.