Melon offers a few methods utilizing the chat feature:

  • Private - Chat privately with your guests only.
  • Stream - Chat publicly with your audience.
  • Widgets - Display your chatbox on-screen through integrated Apps. ( account required)

Private chat will never be live-streamed and will only involve yourself and your invited guests or speakers.


Stream chat is used to chat with your viewers. All comments from all supported destinations will autofill your Melon chat section.  

Chat Widget displays your chatbox on-screen, integrating a Streamlabs account and Widgets.

Social Platforms Supported

Great! How do I use it?

1.  Click the Chat button from your Melon Studio.

2.  Once you're live click Stream or Private options.  

3.  Mouse over the comment to Show on Stream or to Hide on Stream.

Chat Widget Setup

1.  To display your chatbox, click Apps to the right of your Melon Studio.

2.  Click Widgets then Connect Streamlabs. (Free Streamlabs account required.)

3.  Once you've switched on the option to enable your Chat Box, click the widget you want to resize. Drag the corners to adjust the size of your selected widget.

4.  Edit your Chat Box settings through your Streamlabs Dashboard under All Widgets > Chat Box.

How do I make my stream and my chat public on Facebook?

  1. Go to your Business Integrations from your personal Facebook profile settings page.
  2. On your Active list, click View and edit for Melon.
  3. In the dropdown menu locate "Who can use this app?" and select Public.

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