Add teammates to your account to help with your live stream as a co-host. (web/mobile supported)

  • Free - 1 seat
  • Standard - 3 seats
  • Pro - 5 seats

Co-hosts can:

  • Invite/Add/Remove guests
  • Screen share (guest or host)
  • Edit theme, text, or video options
  • Highlight chat messages
  • Switch design profiles
  • React stream effects (subscription only)
  • Remove themselves from the team
  • Livestream and Participant Settings

Send a Team Invite

1. Click the Team tab then click Invite Member.

2. Enter your teammate's email address and click Send Invite. (Link valid for 24 hours)

3. Your teammate will receive an email and will want to click Accept Invite.

4. They will need to sign into their new account on You will see their camera feed on your studio from your left navbar.

5. If a co-host wants to leave your team, click the Team tab or the up-arrow next to your team name.

Co-hosts cannot:

  • Start or end a livestream/recording
  • Create Design profiles
  • Edit Team name
  • Upload Stream Avatar
  • co-host multiple streams at the same time
  • Schedule streams
  • Add/remove destinations
  • Share background audio
  • Message Stream chat
  • Edit video/audio settings
  • Access past Broadcasts & Recordings
  • Edit billing-related details


You can be invited to multiple co-host teams.
The Host must be present in order to co-host. Disconnection Protection will be triggered and the show will automatically end after 5 minutes if the host is not present.

Send us your thoughts and or screenshots with your feedback to [email protected] - we hope you like it as much as we do. :) Happy streaming!

The Melon team 🍉