When first adding your Facebook accounts to Melon, you will need to ensure you add your personal profile since for every Group or Page you own or manage, your profile will be directly tied to each.

  • If you are not listed as an 'admin' of a Group or Page, please contact the owner to mark your personal profile as an admin. (Group/Page)
  • If you do not see your Group or Page when adding a new destination, it is because the Group or Page is registered under a different email address. Please log out of Facebook.com then add your destination through your Destinations page. You will be prompted to log into the account your Group or Page is registered under.
  • After pressing the Go live button, Melon offers a maximum of 10 Facebook destinations per stream.

Facebook Profile

Your Facebook Business Integrations page will download the Melon (Streaming) application.
Please allow the business integration (Melon) to send you notifications through your preferred Privacy settings.

Facebook Group

After adding your Group to your Destinations, you will also need to download the Melon (Streaming) application through your Group Settings & Apps page.

searh in group apps

Facebook Page

When adding a Page to your Destinations, if you wish to include additional admins to your page, they must have Page Access. Please visit your Page Privacy settings to include their profile.


How to make my stream on Melon public on Facebook?

  1. On Facebook, go to your profile Settings > Security and Login > Business Integrations page.
  2. In your Active list click View and edit on the Melon (Streaming) app.
  3. On the next page, go through your permissions for a Page/Group you own.


Instagram does not officially support streaming outside of its own platform. Some accounts may have access to LIVE settings. (Beta) Please check your IG account for possible accessibility, otherwise, you can add your Instagram account by making it a custom RTMP on Melon. A third party may be required (eg. instafeed.me) in order to receive a dedicated RTMP Server URL and Stream key. Choosing to stream through RTMP, will:

  • Display your stream in vertical mode by default.  
  • Display one person on-stream if you do not select the Portrait Mode option before choosing to go live.