Exciting updates happened on Facebook. Schedule a broadcast and it will automatically create a Facebook Live Event.

What’s New

  1. You will no longer see “Upcoming stream” on your Facebook feed when you schedule your broadcast on Melon (applies to both livestream and pre-recorded)
  2. You can now schedule your event later than 7 days in advance;
  3. You will now be able to share your live stream link on Facebook (no more “broken” links on Groups or Profiles);
  4. If you’d like to delete the scheduled broadcast to Facebook Profile and/or Group, you now need to do that manually on Facebook as well. Events from Pages will be deleted automatically;
  5. You are unable to edit the Facebook scheduled events temporarily with Melon. In order to do so please delete the destination from the scheduled live show and re-add Facebook destinations accordingly;
  6. Events are no longer displayed on your profile wall/feed. Scroll down on “How to add Events to the Profile wall” for details.

What Remains the same

  1. Schedule your stream on multiple destinations.
  2. Thumbnails will be displayed on the Event Page.
  3. Your audience will still need to allow permission to display their name/avatar if you schedule and stream to Facebook Group.

How to Schedule on Facebook with Melon

  1. Go to Melon Studio;
  2. Click on Schedule icon on right navigation;
  3. Click on the + Schedule button;
  4. Select the destinations of your choice;
  5. Pick the type of your stream (Live Stream or Pre-Recorded content);
  6. Set the date, time, name, and thumbnail of your choice;
  7. Hit the Schedule button;
  8. From the pop-up you see click on “Visit <Facebook destination name>” to get the event link and navigate to the Facebook:

From there you will see the new Event page:

How to add Events to the Profile wall?

With the recent Facebook change, it no longer auto-displays your upcoming events on the profile wall. In order to do this, you need to:

  1. Go to your Event and click on Share icon;
  2. Click on the “Share to Feed” option:

3. Pick your audience and proceed further:

If you have other questions or need further assistance = please contact us at [email protected]

Melon team