If you just created your YouTube account and channel, you must complete the below instructions for YouTube to verify your channel:

1. Log into YouTube through your Google account.


2. Please visit the link below to verify your YouTube channel through SMS. (approximately 24 hours for verification)

3. Once verified, please visit your YouTube Studio. Locate and click Create > Go-live > Right now > Built-in webcam. This is a crucial step to complete so that YouTube can verify your channel is not spam and/or a robot account.


4. Go live directly from your YouTube Studio even if it's for a 2-second stream. Select the stream as an Unlisted so that your stream does not end up on your public channel. After 24 hours from the time you streamed, you will have access to go live on YouTube from Melon anytime.

Reach us by email at, [email protected] We're here to help!

The Melon Team🍉