Here's a quick walkthrough of your Melon Studio:

  • Check Your Mic/Camera
  • Melon Studio Overview
  • Setting Up Your Destinations

What you need to go live on Melon

  1. A computer (PC/Mac)
  2. Internet connection (wired preferred)
  3. Latest versions of Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, or Edge browsers

Check Your Mic/Camera

When first visiting, please accept your browser to "Allow" our site to use your camera/microphone, which will be essential to set up your studio to livestream. If you forget and wish to check later, click the lock icon next to your browser's address bar highlighted below:

Melon Studio Overview

1.  To the left of your studio is your control panel/navbar. This is where your camera feed, guest camera feeds, and screen shares will be highlighted.

  • Add Guest - Press Add Guest to send a livestream invitation. Copy & paste the URL into a new browser window. (Chrome preferred) See Guest Setup for details on onboarding.
  • Show on Stream - Anything you want to show on-screen including yourself, you must press Show on Stream. Your mic will also not be audible unless you press this.
  • Team - Invite team members to join your account as a co-host. See Co-Hosting for details.

2.  On the right of your studio are your Studio Settings where you can personalize even further through chat, text, and video, as well as, adjust your livestream settings.

(From Top to Bottom)
Account - Click this to visit your billing page, your destinations, or to review your broadcast history.
Chat - Show/Highlight comments coming in from your viewers or guests through stream chat. See Stream Chat for further details.
Schedule - Schedule your stream in advance. See Scheduling for details.
Design - Add a logo, background, or an overlay for studio personalization.
Styles - Edit fonts, title cards, brand color or themes.
Text - Include a banner, ticker, or teleprompter on-screen. (max 20 for each)
Video - Add a background for your green screen or upload videos set as your intro/outro.
Settings - Participant & Livestream Settings.
Apps - Integration of Streamlabs apps for donations, chat moderation, and alerts.

3.  At the bottom of the studio are your Livestream controls.

Mute - Turn off your mic. Click the up-arrow to select your audio input/output.
Stop Video - Turn off your camera. Click the up-arrow to select your video input/output.
Add Cam - Add multiple cameras (not including guests)
Share - Share your screen, window, tab, video, or add background audio.
React - Livestream sound effects.
Record - Instantly record without livestreaming.
Go Live - Go live to your streaming destinations.

Setting Up Your Destinations

Your social media accounts are defined as your Destinations on Melon. If you own multiple pages per social media, please log out of the social media account before clicking Add Destination to link to a different social media channel.

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