Ready to go live? Let’s go over a few things before you start your livestream.

Setup Checklist

Going live on Melon was made to be easy. All you need is:

  1. A YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitch account
  2. A computer
  3. Internet connection (WiFi preferred)
  4. Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Catalina with permissions)
  5. Built-in Microphone and Camera (External recommended)

Log In

Go to and login with YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitch. That’s it. No passwords required.

Enable Microphone and Camera

If this is the first time you're using Melon, please grant your browser access to use your mic/camera.

Add Yourself To Your Main Canvas

Once you've landed in your Melon Studio, you will see your video cam to the left of you. In order to show yourself on the main canvas, click Show on stream. Test it out to get yourself acquainted!

Personalize Your Broadcast

Before going live it's recommended that you personalize your Melon account to your liking. Change your stream name, add a background/overlay, or include a ticker/banner. Click through our features to get comfortable with all options available before starting your stream. You can edit your main canvas at any time, even while you're live on stream.


Connect Your Destinations

Before you can go live, you will need to link up your social media channels or what we'd like to call your Destinations. For a more in-depth walkthrough on how to add your Streaming Destinations to your Melon account, please click here.

Invite Guests

You can also invite guests by clicking Invite Guest found at the top left corner of your Melon Studio. Your guests don't need to install anything or even make an account. Invite new guests to your livestream at any time.


Go Live

Ready to start your livestream?

Click the Go Live button and select your streaming destination.

If you select YouTube, a dropdown of options will appear. Pick between a Public, Private, or Unlisted stream.

Click Next. Add the title of your broadcast and happy streaming!

Screen Share

Want to share your screen during your broadcast? Click the Share button. For a walkthrough on screensharing, please click here.  


Interact with your viewers to spark up a conversation through Stream Chat.

Stop Broadcasting

When you're done with your livestream and want to stop broadcasting, press End Stream. If you close your browser out without pressing this, your livestream will remain as Live. For a deepdive into Ending Your Livestream, please click here.