Ready to start live streaming? Here's a quick walkthrough on how to go live on Melon.

Recommended: Latest versions of Chrome (Android/PC/Mac), Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Chromium, or Safari (iOS).

In Studio Setup

1. To the left of your studio, you will see your camera feed as well as your screen shares and/or guest cam feeds. For anything you wish to show on-screen, please press Show on Stream.

2. Once you've clicked 'Show on Stream' in order to show yourself on your main canvas, double-check that you have set up the proper Audio and/or Video inputs & outputs by clicking the up-arrow next to your Mute/Stop Video button.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • We're inclined to have many browser windows open in the background that we end up not using for our stream. To avoid CPU overuse please close all applications before pressing Go Live on Melon.
  • Please disable VPN extensions as this may affect your live stream video quality beforehand.
  • If your connection is unstable (5 Mbps Upload Speed) and you need a video boost, toggle on Full HD from your Settings > Output page.
  • To stream to YouTube you must be verified by YouTube and have gone live at least once through your YouTube Studio. Click here for verification steps.
(*Youtube, Twitch, and LinkedIn support up to 1080p. Your streaming output may vary - Some Facebook or Twitter users may not have access to 1080p output.)

Go Live

1. Now that you've set up your studio settings, you're ready to press Go Live.

2. We'll count you down before your broadcast goes live. Please ensure to press Show on Stream for yourself and your guests in order to share your camera on your broadcast from your left navbar.


Your stream will not immediately appear on platforms. This is normal as all social platforms have a form of latency by design.  It will take a few seconds for your destinations to display your feed. Facebook takes the longest while YouTube/Twitch is much faster.