Ready to start live streaming? In this tutorial guide, we’ll walk you through the mechanics of going live and a few things to keep in mind as you start to broadcast. You’ll learn about the final steps of going live and how to add yourself (and your guests) to the canvas.

If you’re a more visual learner then you can watch the tutorial video below. Otherwise, keep scrolling!

First, you want to make sure that you are added to the canvas. The canvas is the black screen in the middle of Melon. Populate this with an image of you or your guest by clicking on the "Show on Stream" signs in the navigation pane on the left-hand side. Whatever is showing in the middle of your Melon app is what is being live-streamed. What is showing up in the navigation pane is not being live-streamed. Think of it as the waiting room. You, as the host, are in complete control of what is being live-streamed.

In studio setup

Once you added yourself, please make sure you set the correct video and audio inputs along with resolution settings. This is important step in order to ensure you get the most out of the video quality during the live stream:

• Click on Arrow Up next to Microphone icon and set your mic input, speaker option and other advanced settings. You will see the volume slider moving on top that indicates if your audio input works properly:

• Click on Arrow Up next to Camera icon and set your input along with resolution options. If you're new user, you have 480p resolution set by default. We recommend using 720p for a better experience. Additionally, you can mirror your camera in the same settings:

• Ensuring you and your guests are on stable connection is essential. Please prefer cabled connection over Wifi or stay closer to your router to get a better internet stability;

• While Melon is packed with powerful features like Green Screen and Local Recording, they affect your CPU usage and we recommend them to be turned off if your device isn't strong enough to handle it;

• Close other applications you don't use during your livestream or/and recording in order to decrease pressure on your device and get smoother video outcome;

• Please turn VPN off if you use it;

• If your connection is stable (you’ll need an upload speed of at least 4 Mbps) and you need extra video quality boost, pick 1080p in camera settings and turn 1080p stream output in settings by clicking on Menu - Settings and toggling Full HD on:

Please note that depending on platform and access, your streaming output may vary - not all the Facebook users have access to 1080p output along with Twitter. Youtube, Twitch and LinkedIn support 1080p.

Let's Go Live

Next, when you click Go Live, you want to make sure that you're connected to a streaming platform. You can change your streaming destination in the settings by clicking on your Profile icon, picking Settings, and adding or removing different platforms/streaming destinations:


To stream to YouTube you first have to be verified by YouTube and you need to stream from YouTube studio once. This is specific to YouTube. Please check out details here.


After selecting the platforms and entering your stream title and description for the stream, we compose everything in the cloud on our servers and send your stream to the streaming platform.

Please note, when you click Go Live, your stream will not immediately appear on the platforms. It will take a few seconds for the platforms to start displaying the feed from our cloud servers. This is a standard initial wait time. Facebook takes the longest while YouTube and Twitch are the fastest.

After ~5-10 seconds, you will see your stream live. You can easily click share (a button will appear at the top with links to your stream) and check out the stream yourself. You can also share the links to your stream on social media and or with your community.

To recap:

Make sure that whatever you want to show up in your broadcast shows up in the middle of the canvas.

Adjust your streaming destinations from settings.

Lastly, expect a 5-10 second wait for the streams to populate on the streaming platform.

That’s it! Enjoy and happy streaming.