To utilize Melon's Green Screen you will need to have purchased a physical green screen from sites like Amazon.

Camera/Lighting Tips With Green Screen

When using your green screen, it is very important to ensure that your green screen is the same color of green throughout the entire backdrop otherwise, the chroma keying process that allows you to add a virtual background will not work.  

  1. Straighten the green screen. Your green screen must fill the entire screen. No gaps, folds, or wrinkles should be present on video.
  2. Resolution Minimum. Please ensure your resolution is set to 720p (minimum) in order for green screen to work.
  3. Set up even lighting. Lighting is also very important. Same hue of green throughout your backdrop as well as ensuring no shadows are present on video.
  4. Good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Green screen utilizes more processing power from your computer. Having a quality graphics card will help ensure optimal performance.
  5. Don’t wear green. If your clothes are green, you will camouflage yourself when green screen is enabled.
  6. Adjust native ISO. For those who stream using a professional DSLR camera, the ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor. If the ISO is too high, you'll get graininess which makes the chroma keying process difficult. Native ISO is the best ISO so that it doesn't compromise power to increase exposure in low-light scenarios.
  7. Get beautiful, high-quality backgrounds. Wow your audience with large HD backgrounds to make a great first impression. Unsplash, Pexels, and StockSnap.io are great places to start!

Green Screen Setup

1. If you're using a Chrome browser (preferred), click the 3-dot icon and click Settings.

2. Press Advanced.


3. Locate and toggle on 'Use hardware acceleration when available' under your System category. Press Relaunch to restart your browser with your new saved settings.

hardware acc

4. Lastly, open a new blank browser window, and enter "chrome://flags" into the address bar, and hit Enter.

5. Type "Override software rendering list"  in the search box and enable it.


6. You've now granted your computer the ability to use Green Screen.  To turn it on from Melon, click Video > toggle on Enable Green Screen.

The fader right below your Green screen preset options is used to adjust the intensity of your selected background. Please adjust to your liking after enabling Green Screen.  

If the fader is maxed out to 100%, you will mask your camera entirely.

Feel free to share your feedback with us by emailing us at [email protected]. Happy streaming!

-The Melon team 🍉