Hosts can:

  • Multistream
  • Invite, add or kick guests
  • Add multiple cameras
  • Engage with viewers through stream chat
  • Personalize studio design settings in real-time
  • Screen share (Screen, Window, Tab, Video, or Background Audio)

Total Guest Invitations per stream:

  • Free plan - 1 Participant
  • Standard plan - 6 Participants
  • Pro plan - 12 Participants

Recommended browsers: All versions of Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge (PC/Mac/Android). Safari for iOS.

Live streaming works best with a wired internet connection, disabled VPN extensions, and an i5 or greater intel core processor. We process all streams on the cloud so that your CPU is not taxed.

Mac User Setup

Add your browser into your Screen Recording tab for the ability to screen share on Melon by visiting your System Preferences > Privacy page.

Ensure guests have a good experience by:

  1. Review Guest Setup so that you know what your guests will see before and after accepting your Guest Invite link.
  2. If you decide to Record/Local Record your stream, tell your guests beforehand that they must press Leave to end their part of the stream and so that you can download their part of the live stream.
  3. If your guests decide to screen share, press Show on Stream on their screen share from your left navbar.

Send us your thoughts and let us know what you like, what you didn't like, or where we can improve at [email protected]. We appreciate you joining our community and would love to hear from you. Happy Streaming!

The Melon Team🍉