Let’s make sure you have everything you need to have an A+ broadcast!

What do I need to get started?

  1. A computer (PC/Mac)
  2. Internet connection (WiFi preferred)
  3. Internet Browser (recommendations below)
  4. Microphone and Camera
  5. VPN (if used) must be turned off. Especially, if your VPN is using WebRTC protection. VPNs added as a browser extension also include: Pure VPN, Express VPN, Nord VPN. Please disable it before joining a stream.

Recommended Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, latest version of Microsoft Edge (PC/Mac/Android), or Safari (iOS)

In sum, video streaming will work best on stable internet connections and on faster/more powerful computers. We process everything in the cloud so your CPU is not taxed, but a fast computer and a reliable connection will always help.

What if I am on MAC Catalina? What exactly is needed?

  • For Mac users, please head to your System Preferences, and under Privacy,
  • Add Chrome or your preferred browser access to Screen Recording (You may be required to restart your browser. Please do this before starting your stream.)
  • Logitech camera
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Stable internet connection

As a host what can I do during a broadcast?

  1. Stream to any platform/destination
  2. Invite guests and add them to your main canvas or kick guests from the broadcast
  3. Adjust your settings
  4. Edit your Design settings for your stream (themes, background, ticker, banner, logo, title and more.)
  5. Screenshare

I'm all set. How do I make sure that my guests have a good experience?

Send them this guide. In short, everything that applies to you also applies to your guest, except they can join your broadcast as per your guest invitation link. Hardware and software requirements are the same for guest and host.

Do my guests need a Melon account to join?

No. Guests do not need an account. Your guests only need the invite link to join your stream.

How many guests can join my broadcast?

  • Free version = Up to 1 Guest
  • Standard version = Up to 6 Guests
  • PRO version = Up to 12 Guests

I have more questions or a suggestion for how you can improve. Who can I chat with?

Awesome! Send us your feedback and share your thoughts with us via email at,  [email protected] or send us a quick chat message by pressing the Need Help? link at the bottom of our homepage.  We have a team standing by to help.