Invited Guests per stream:

  • Free/Basic users - 1 Guest
  • Standard users - up to 6 Guests
  • Pro users - up to 12 Guests
Please disable VPN extensions and refresh your browser window before you go live.

Preferred Browser:

  • Google Chrome (PC/Mac/Android) or Safari (iOS)

Recording Options: Click Settings (Shift+G) on your Melon Studio. Under Output please enable your preferred recording options.

How To End Your Live Stream

When you're wrapping up your live stream, please:

  1. At the bottom of your studio, press the End Stream button. (If not pressed, our servers will not be able to recognize your show has ended and will keep your broadcast live.)

Screen Sharing (Mac Setup)

For mac users, if you wish to screen share, you must add your browser to allow Screen Recording by visiting your System Settings > Privacy & Security settings page. Click Screen Recording and add your browser to allow screen sharing on Melon. If you are prompted to Relaunch your browser, please accept.

Your Guests Experience On Melon

Inviting Guests - Please ask your guests to copy & paste the URL you sent into a new browser window. (Google Chrome preferred) If they click/tap the link via mobile or through any messenger service, they may not be able to join successfully.

Record/Local Record - When guests wish to end their live stream, they must press the Leave button. Their studio will display a notification that Melon is Finishing up recording... They must wait until they receive a 'Recording Complete' notification in order for a download to be available.

Local recording - If you have this recording option enabled, your guest(s) must accept your invitation through a desktop/laptop computer. Mobile devices are not supported.

Screen sharing - If your guests wish to screen share during your broadcast, please ask them to set up their browser settings to allow screen recording beforehand. (Mac users only)

Things To Keep In Mind

  • We're all guilty of having many browser tabs open that we end up not using during a live stream. To avoid video performance issues and to make sure your CPU is not taxed, please close all browser tabs before pressing Go Live.
  • Melon is web-based, and we will rely heavily on your network connection. If you use VPN extensions, please disable them before you choose to go live.
  • Hosts must press End Stream whereas Guests must press Leave to ping our servers to recognize the stream has ended.

How to Invite Guests

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Ending Your Livestream

Ending Your Live Stream Broadcast | Melon Support Center
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Send us your thoughts to let us know what you like, what you don't like, or areas we can improve to, [email protected]. We would love to hear from you. Happy Streaming!

The Melon Team🍉