Total Participants per stream:

  • Free/Basic plan - 1 Participant only
  • Standard plan - up to 6 Participants
  • Pro plan - up to 12 Participants

Recommended browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Microsoft Edge (PC/Mac/Android), or Safari (iOS).

We prefer a wired connection instead of a wifi connection. If you use VPN extensions please disable them before going live.

Screen Sharing (Mac Setup)

For mac/apple users please allow your browser to screen share by visiting your System Preferences > Privacy Settings page.

Add your browser to your Privacy > Screen Recording tab and then relaunch your browser with your saved settings before going live.

Inviting Guests

How to Invite Guests | Melon Support Center
Learn how to invite guests to your live stream on Facebook Live, YouTube, and more with Melon in seconds.

Ending Your Livestream

Ending Your Live Stream Broadcast | Melon Support Center
Ready to end your successful live stream? Learn how to end your broadcast on Melon, what to expect and what actually happens.

Ensure your guests have a great first experience:

  1. Please visit Guest Setup in order to review what your guests receive before accepting your guest invitation URL.
  2. If you are recording/local recording, please ask your guest beforehand to press Leave once their part of the stream has ended. If the guest closes their browser instead, their stream will stay on air and a downloadable track of their stream will not be available.
  3. If your guests decide to screen share, as the host you will need to press Show on Stream manually from your left studio navbar.

Send us your thoughts and let us know what you like, what you didn't like, or where we can improve at [email protected]. We appreciate you joining our community and would love to hear from you. Happy Streaming!

The Melon Team🍉