Melon has integrated Streamlabs applications to help you moderate chat, set up your tips, alerts, as well as, apply your Streamlabs chatbox live on your broadcast.


Cloudbot is a moderation tool that you can access from It’s the only chatbot that works for Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer simultaneously. By setting up your Cloudbot on Melon, you can moderate your chat comments and build engagement around your audience.

1. To integrate Cloudbot from your Melon Studio, click the Apps button (Shift+P) and press Cloudbot > Connect Streamlabs.


2. Visit your Streamlabs Dashboard and through your Essentials menu click Cloudbot and enable it at the top of the page.

3. Now visit your YouTube Studio and Community Settings page. Type in "Streamlabs" in the Automated Filters section to add it as your moderator.

4. For Twitch, simply visit your channel and enter /mod streamlabs and press Enter to add it as your chat moderator.


Tips are a great way to get your viewers involved with your livestream and show them that their tips are going toward your brand and future content. Set up your tip goals or your minimum tip amount.

1. From your Melon Studio, click the Apps button (Shift+P) and press Widgets then press Connect Streamlabs.


2. Visit your Donation Settings through your Account Settings from your Streamlabs Dashboard.

3. From your My Tips page select Tip Methods and follow the instructions to set up your payment option (PayPal being the easiest option).

4. At the top right of your page, you will see "Your Tip Page". Copy & paste your link to your description section on Melon before going live or include it on a ticker or banner, letting your viewers know where to go to send you a tip.


The Alertbox allows you to have on-screen alerts for your followers, tips, subscribers, and more! Create unique alerts that represent you and your brand. Stand out from the crowd, keep viewers coming back, and encourage others to participate in your livestream.

1. From your Streamlabs Dashboard, click Alert Box from your Essentials menu.

2. From your Alert Box page, personalize your alerts to your liking and include things like animations, alert layouts, sounds, or text size just to name a few options available.

3. Click the Test options after your saved edits, to preview your new alerts from your Melon Studio.

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