We built Melon to make it super simple for anyone to go live and connect with others. In this tutorial guide, we will show how to create an invite and add guests to your broadcast on Facebook Live, YouTube and more. We’ll also show you what happens to invite links after you send them.

If you’re a more visual learner then you can watch the tutorial video below. Otherwise, keep scrolling!

First, to invite a guest, all you need to do is click on the invite guest link. Click on the Invite Guest button in the top left corner in your Navigation Pane, and it will automatically copy the invite link. Send the link to your guest, and they will join your broadcast.

invite guest

Guests can join from a computer (PC or MAC) or from a phone. It’s important that they are on a stable WIFI signal when joining from a phone.

When your guest joins, they will appear in your Navigation Pane on the left-hand side. From there, you need to click on their face to add them to the canvas. Remember, if they're in the waiting room and not on the canvas in the middle of the screen, they are not being broadcasted live.

As the host, you are in complete control of the broadcast. You can have different guests talk to each other while you’re in the waiting room and not live. Or you can have everyone on one screen. You can pick and choose which of your guests is live and when by clicking the plus and minus buttons on the guests' faces.

Lastly, what happens with the invite links after you make them? Each broadcast has its own unique invite link with its own unique code that is private to you every time you stream. That link is refreshed after you stream so you can create a broadcast today, generate your unique invite link, and send it to guests ahead of time. The room and the invite link will persist, and you can go live at a later point in time with your guests.

To recap:

You can invite your guests by clicking in the top left corner and sending them a special invite-only link just for them. They grant access to their microphone and camera and join with ease - no accounts needed.

When the guests join, they'll be in the waiting room, and you can add/remove them by clicking on the plus/minus sign.

Lastly, the invite links that you sent persist as long as you did not start the stream.

Enjoy collaborating and streaming!