Invite your guests to join your stream by clicking the Add Guest button from your left navbar on Melon. Guests are asked to join your stream using a desktop PC/Mac (wired-connection) through a Google Chrome browser (All versions of Chrome or Edge accepted)

Each time you log into Melon or reload your studio, a new Add Guest link will be auto-generated. 
Please do not share your Add Guest link with your viewers unless intentional. (Guests/Speakers only)

If for any reason you need to reload your browser window/melon studio, you can opt to send your guest a Permanent Guest Link. This will always stay the same and will never expire regardless of reloading your browser window. Toggle-on the option by clicking the Add Guest button highlighted below.

*Warning: disabling this toggle will disable your permanent guest link. Your guests will not be able to join your broadcast if you turn-off this option.