Connecting Your Linkedin

1. Once you've been verified by Linkedin, your Linkedin company page or profile will have a dedicated Resources section on your main feed where you can enable Creator mode:

(*Learn more about Creator Mode by clicking here.)

2. On Melon, visit your Destinations page and click Add Destination to connect your Linkedin company page or personal profile.

3. Press Allow offering Melon permission to stream to your Linkedin. (Log-in may be required*)    

Scheduling Parameters

Schedule your Linkedin stream at least 15 minutes in advance.

When scheduling on Melon, you can only select 1 page/profile per scheduled stream. (Company/Personal)
You can schedule 10 streams within a 24-hour time range only.

Scheduling Linkedin Streams

  1. If edits are required for your Linkedin scheduled stream, please delete the scheduled stream on Linkedin as well as on Melon. * Due to Linkedin limitations, edits will not be recognized.
  2. If you must reschedule your stream, you will also need to delete the scheduled stream on Linkedin and then create a new scheduled stream on Melon with your rescheduled date and time.
  3. If you wish to delete your Linkedin scheduled stream, please ensure the event is deleted from your LinkedIn Profile/Page as well as from your Melon account. (How do I delete my scheduled stream on Linkedin?)

Linkedin Live Chat

You can now use the chat button on Melon to engage with your Linkedin Live viewers. You won't be able to respond but you will be able to see a comment coming in and highlight them on stream.

Platforms Supported