Local Recording allows you to record raw audio and video streams per guest to your local computer. Recordings will then be uploaded to the cloud and be available on your Profile icon > Settings > Broadcasts & Recordings page.

You can then download your footage in order to edit/upload them to YouTube and/or share it with your team. Each participant/guest will get their own separate video and audio file. (Mp4, Wav, and webm formats)

How to enable

Enable Local Recording for all your future broadcasts by pressing Menu > Settings > Output and then toggle-on Local Recording.

local recording menu

How it works

Starting your stream while Local Recording is enabled, each time you add a participant to the stream, their video feed gets recorded and stored locally on their computer. This recording continues as long as the participant is on stream. If they are removed for any reason, a new recording will start and in total, the guest will have an additional recording available for download.

Recordings are saved with the same video and audio input settings the guest used when joining the stream. * If the participant changes their video or audio settings, their recording will end and a new recording will immediately start thereafter.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • When a participant is removed from the stream, a new recording will start and in total, the guest will have an additional recording available for download. Guests will need to keep the tab open until they see “Recording complete” on their screen in order for the host to download their recording in full.  
  • If you re-add a guest on stream, a new recording will start for that guest. To find recordings after the stream has ended, please visit your Broadcasts & Recordings page to download.
  • When a guest changes their video or audio settings during the broadcast, the recording will stop and then a new recording will start with the guest's new audio/video settings change where an additional file will be created for download.
  • Local Recording is not supported on mobile/tablet (Android or iOS) devices.
  • If your recording is interrupted within the first 10-15 seconds of livestream (file size less than 5Mb), it will not be uploaded due to server requirements.
  • When the livestream ends (or stream recording), local recordings for all guests will also stop. The recordings will take approximately 2-3 minutes to finish uploading to the cloud. You will see the status of this progress in the top left corner of the Melon Studio. Please wait for the status to be completed before closing the browser window.
progress bar

To recap:

  1. Local recording will give you highest quality audio and video files since we'll be uploading only the raw footage. It will split them for each participant/guest.
  2. Enable Local recording via your Menu > Settings > Output section of your Melon Studio.
  3. You and your guests should wait for the recording to finish uploading to the cloud before closing your browser/window or else the recording will not be uploaded to the cloud.

If you have suggestions, ideas, questions or concerns - please feel free to reach us through email at, [email protected] Thank you!

-The Melon team 🍉