Local Recording creates separate raw audio & video tracks per guest. We'll store them on the cloud and you will have access to download your recordings through your Broadcasts & Recordings page. (mobile devices not supported)

Please remind your guests, that they must press Leave in order to ping our servers that their part of the stream has ended. *If they do not press Leave, their Local Recording will be incomplete and your download will not be available.

You and your guests will see the status of your recording progress in the top left of your Melon Studio as highlighted below:

Enable Local Recording

Turn on the option for Local Recording by pressing Settings to the right of your studio and toggling on the option under Output.

local recording menu
It is recommended to only switch on the record option you will be using normally for your live streams since by having both options enabled, more CPU resources will be used and the longer your upload will take. 

How it works

Each time you add a participant to the stream, their video feed gets recorded and stored locally on their computer. This recording continues as long as the participant is on stream. If they are removed for any reason, a new recording will start and in total, the guest will have an additional recording available for download.

Recordings are saved with the same video and audio input settings the guest used when joining the stream. * If the participant changes their video or audio settings, their recording will end and a new recording will immediately start thereafter.

Things To Keep In Mind:

When a guest changes their video or audio settings during the broadcast, the recording will stop, and then a new recording will start with the guest's new audio/video settings change where an additional file will be created for download.
If your recording is interrupted within the first 10-15 seconds of livestream (file size less than 5Mb), it will not be uploaded due to server requirements.
When you have decided to stop your stream and have pressed End Stream local recordings for all guests will also stop.

If you have suggestions, ideas, questions, or concerns - please feel free to reach us through email at, [email protected]. Thank you!

-The Melon team 🍉