Mac users may be required to allow access to their devices in order to ensure they have all Melon features available to them on sign-up.

Microphone & Camera Setup

Locate and click the lock icon next to your browser's address bar to check that you have allowed your browser to access your microphone and camera.

Browser Recommendations:

  • Google Chrome (desktop)
  • Safari (iOS)

Screenshare Setup

You will need to manually add your browser through your System Preferences to allow screen sharing.  

  1. From your System Settings click Security & Privacy
  2. Scroll through the list provided to find Screen Recording
  3. Add your browser by unlocking your computer and pressing the + sign.

Have more questions or want to share a suggestion for how we can improve? Great! Please reach us through email at, [email protected]. We're always appreciative of our community. Happy Streaming!

The Melon Team 🍉